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Tobacco Free Initiative

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Cigarette smoking is a key contributor to heart disease, stroke and other respiratory diseases and is responsible for 87% of lung cancer cases. Those exposed to secondhand smoke face an increased risk of cancer and heart disease. For these and others reasons, including our commitment to promoting the wellness and healthy living of students, employees and visitors, CBU has begun the process of banning the use of all tobacco products on the University campus.

Smoking/Tobacco, E-Cigarette, and Vapor Policy 
Smoking and use of tobacco products is prohibited in and around all property owned or leased by Christian Brothers University except in several designated areas (see The Compass for those locations). Electronic cigarettes — or vaping — are similarly restricted to these designated areas. The University campus includes all buildings, grounds, and parking lots leased, owned or operated by Christian Brothers University, as well as any vehicle leased or owned by CBU and any privately owned vehicle on University property.