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Tuition & Fees

Undergraduate Tuition (Day Program)
Tuition per semester $15,950.00
Tuition per hour for part-time students taking less than 12 hours or for each additional hour above 18 $1,135.00
Summer School Tuition (per credit hour, 2015 Day Session) $465.00
Dual Enrollment Tuition
On-Campus Tuition (per credit hour) $170.00
Off-Campus Tuition (per credit hour) $166.67
Single Occupancy Room and Board (Per Semester)
Maurelian Hall Single and All Access $5,000.00
Rozier Hall Single and All Access (w/lounge) $5,000.00
Rozier Hall Single (Traditional) and All Access $4,100.00
Stritch Hall Single and All Access $3,700.00
Living Learning Center Single and All Access $5,900.00
Avery Single (no meal plan included, available at extra cost)- Graduate Housing Only $4,635.00
New-Avery Single Room Double Occupancy (no meal plan) - Graduate Housing Only $2,900.00
Capstone Apartments w/ All Access $5,900.00
Capstone Apartments w/ 100 Block Plan $5,000.00
Double Occupancy Room and Board (Per Semester)
Maurelian Hall Double and All Access $3,700.00
Rozier Hall Double and All Access (w/Lounge) $3,700.00
Rozier Hall Double (Traditional) and All Access $3,700.00
Living Learning Center Double and All Access $5,000.00
Living Learning Center Triple and All Access  $4,100.00
Other Undergraduate Day Program Fees
Activity & Services Fee, Full-Time Day Students, per semester $185.00
Activity & Services Fee, Part-Time Day Students, per semester $85.00
Enrollment Fee (Tuition Deposit, Refundable through 5/1, one time only) $300.00
Lab Fees, per class $75.00
Late Registration Fee $250.00
Returning Student Room Deposit $300.00
Challenge Examination and Posting Charges $100.00
Parking & Grounds Fee - All Students, per semester $30.00
Technology Fee, Full-time Day Student, per semester $245.00
Technology Fee, Part Time Day Student, per semester $100.00
Buc Meal Dollars, Full-Time Day Student, Non-Residents, per semester $100.00
Buc Meal Plan, Part Time Day Students, per semester $50.00
Experiential Credit Assessment Fee $50.00
Experiential Credit Posting Fee $100.00
Experiential Credit Undergraduate, per credit hour fee $100.00
Returned Check Charge $30.00
Graduation Fee (payable once per degree, non-refundable) $130.00
Security Deposit for Undergraduate Housing $150.00
Cancellation Fee - Breach of Contract $500.00
Payment Plan Enrollment (per semester) $40.00
Payment Plan Late Fee $20.00

Scholarships and awards
vary depending on cumulative high school GPA and admission test score of the ACT or SAT.

ACT HS GPA 3.00-3.74 HS GPA 3.75 and above
28+ $14,000 $15,000
26-27 $13,000 $14,000
23-25 $12,000 $13,000
22 $11,000 $12,000
21 $10,000 $11,000