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Additional Fees

Late Registration Fee

Undergraduate and professional students who have not settled their financial accounts before the published drop date will have their schedules dropped by the Registrar. There is a $250 late registration fee in order to re-register. If you wait until the first week of class to register for a semester or term, you will also be charged the late registration fee.

Application & Enrollment Fees

A non-refundable application fee of $25 must accompany all applications for admission. Upon notification of acceptance, day applicants must submit an enrollment fee of $300. This will insure a place in the university and be credited against your first semester charges. Current residence hall students are also required to make a $300 deposit in the spring to reserve a residence hall room for the following academic year. Students who enter at the second semester are subject to the same financial requirements listed herein.

Security Deposit

A refundable security deposit $150 is required of all resident students. This fee must be paid regardless of the scholarship or student aid arrangements with the University. The security deposit will be refunded at the end of the senior year or at the time of withdrawal from the University.

Housing Contract Cancellation Fee

Fall housing contracts are for the full academic year (except for students graduating in the fall semester or students withdrawing completely from the University). A $300 contract cancellation fee will be assessed to a student cancelling a housing contract at any time and will be billed directly to the student’s account. A $500 breach of contract fee will be assessed for students who do not return to the residence halls for the Spring semester.

Refund Request for Room and Board

Room and board assignments are made for the entire school year.

Charges as specified below will be made in case of approved cancellation or disciplinary termination. Housing contract cancellations must be accomplished in writing and signed by the student applicant and must be approved by the Associate VP/Student Life.

Contract cancellations will only be granted by the Associate Vice President under the following conditions:

  • Withdrawal from the University.
  • A verifiable unanticipated drastic change in the student’s financial status.
  • An emergency situation. Students moving out of a residence hall during the semester must obtain approval from the VP for Academics & Student Life.

If approval is granted by the Associate Vice President, refunds will be made according to the following schedule:

  • Prior to the opening of the residence halls (Fall/Spring/Summer) when a contract cancellation is received in writing and approved by the Associate VP/Student Life prior to the day the residence halls open for the session, room and board payments will be refunded less the contract cancellation fee of $300.00.
  • After the residence halls open (Fall/Spring/Summer), refunds for room and board must be approved by the Associate VP/Student Life. Refunds will be prorated as a percentage of how long they lived in the dorm.