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Gadomski School ofEngineering

Video Game Design

Video Game Design is the creation and development of video games through skills and concepts taught in the fields of both computer science and computer engineering — a few of them being programming, coding, graphic design, and art.

A relatively new program at CBU, Video Game Design is offered as a minor. Students engage in the use of different codes and software that are commonly used and become familiar with the different ways in which they contribute to the development and production of modern video games.

Having a background in Video Game Design implies that a student is familiar with the fundamentals of computer programming, the use of game engines, software engineering, and computers in general. A Video Game Design graduate has career options spanning the whole field of video games. Being equipped with a versatile knowledge of computers, software, and code, CBU graduates have also numerous options outside that realm.

Some courses offered allow students to learn the technical and organizational skills needed to develop video games by using Unity 3D, a cross-platform game engine that provides encompassing environments to develop feature-rich video games and publish them to desktop, mobile, console, and web platforms.


A minor in Video Game Design provides students the basic skills needed to pursue a career in video game design engineering, and research. Completion of this programs shows that a student understands the principles of game design, technology and has intermediate expertise in the use of a game engine. This minor or certificate is not intended to provide professional training on a game engine or teach a formal programming language. A minor in Video Game Design is open to all students not part of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management (Video Game Design) major. Students must complete the following courses: ECE 309, ECE 310 (or ECE 452), ECE 411 (or ENGR 421), ECE 412 (or ENGR 422), and two approved 3-hour electives by BSEM Video Game Design Coordinator and Chair of the Department in which the courses are offered.