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Vision and Goals


  • To ally strong inclusive partnerships among the surface water community and with external stakeholders.
  • To identify and prioritize critical water issues requiring interdisciplinary expertise.
  • To develop the basic knowledge, practical experience, and infrastructure required to respond to stakeholders’ emerging water issues.
  • To provide excellent interdisciplinary water-related research, education and outreach programs.
  • To consolidate the expertise of all aspects of surface water resources and to recognize the professional values, cultures, and socioeconomic context of its diverse external stakeholders.


  • Improve basic knowledge of the environmental processes in aquatic systems such as rivers, lakes, oceans, estuaries, wetlands, and soil, and the interface between surface and ground waters.
  • Enhance understanding of the interactions and interrelationships between human attitudes, activities, and aquatic systems.
  • Develop and promote the adoption of improved methodologies for water management and policy (including quantity, quality, and ecosystem services) based on a foundation of science, engineering, management, and law.