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Schedule an Appointment

If you would like to meet with one of the WCC consultants to review your assignment, you MUST make an appointment ahead of time. If you are making an appointment for the first time, you will need to register as a new user and create an account.

If you have already created an account, please log in to the WCC appointment portal to schedule an appointment.

Check out the great resources available via CBU's Plough Library.

Tips from the Consultants

  1. Always make sure to read your prompt carefully! 
  2. When you come in to the WCC make sure to bring all materials: copy of paper, prompt, books, etc. 
  3. Start your paper as early as possible. 
  4. Organize your thoughts before you start writing. Know where you want to end up and how you’re going to get there. 
  5. The best way to improve your writing is to read more. Want to be better with scientific writing? Read more scientific research papers. 
  6. Always write your paper in the same order as your thesis. 
  7. If you're writing creatively, write what you know and make sure it's not cliche. 
  8. Write more than one draft, and read through your paper more than once! 
  9. Focus on getting your point across and worry about page length later. 
  10. Always have another set of eyes look at your work - the writing center is a perfect place for that! 
  11. When you are presenting, do not stress over saying exactly what you found or planned. Say what you know. You know your material, teach it to your audience. 
  12. Always keep audience in mind, but do not let them alter your perspective. You know your argument, you have to present it to them. 
  13. On resumes, do not sell yourself short or plain. You have to sell your personal brand, and a resume is where you do it. 
  14. Do not underestimate emotion when making an argument. Even the most logical, fact based arguments have room for emotion. 
  15. Turn your paper in first, professors are nicer to the first few papers. 
  16. Go to the WCC, for every paper, not just English class! 


Do you need a printed copy of the paper? 
While you can bring in a printed copy, you don't have to! You can print at ITS or the Library, but generally we just need you to bring your laptop in. 

Will you proofread my paper? 
Yes! However, we have higher order concerns to look at first. We won’t JUST look at grammar. We will look at your thesis, formatting, structure, organization, and much more. 

Is the WCC for tutoring? 
No! We actually detest that word and don’t even say it in the WCC. When students come to the WCC, it isn’t because they are “bad writers” (we’ve never seen such a thing). It’s to collaborate on assignments to let another set of eyes take a peek at your work.