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Code of Conduct

As an academic and religious institution, CBU has a vested interest in both the safety and well-being of the campus community. As a result of the high caliber of men and women CBU attracts, the Student Code of Conduct emphasizes responsibility in both the academic and non-academic areas of University life. It is the intent of the Code to provide the necessary guidelines to support and advance the educational and religious mission of the University without unduly restricting or diminishing the University experience.

A student, by voluntarily joining the University community, assumes the responsibility for abiding by the standards that have been instituted pursuant to our mission, processes, functions and goals. The Vice President for Academics & Student Life or their designees maintain an exclusive authority to impose sanctions for behaviors that violate the Student Code of Conduct and/or, if deemed appropriate, to terminate the student from member in the University community.

The Student Code of Conduct is to maintain the general welfare of the university community. The university strives to make the campus community a place of study, work, and residence where people are treated, and treat one another, with respect and courtesy. The university views the student conduct process as a learning experience that can result in growth and personal understanding of one’s responsibilities and privileges within both the university community and the greater community.

Karen Conway-Barnett
Dean of Students
(901) 321-3536