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Panhellenic Council

The Christian Brothers University Panhellenic Governing Council is the coordinating body for the 26 national and international sororities and women’s fraternities in North America, the National Panhellenic Conference (link here: CBU’s Panhellenic Community includes two of these 26 organizations -- Alpha Xi Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha. In addition to these two chapters, the Panhellenic Governing Council works to support these organizations, as it is structured to serve as a foundational space to encourage both chapters in their commitments to promote scholarship, service, and sisterhood, while also following the policies and guidelines outlined by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

The Panhellenic Governing Council is also in charge of coordinating and overseeing all administrative duties of the formal primary recruitment process that takes place during either the fourth or fifth week of school in the fall semester of each academic year. During recruitment, women on the Panhellenic Executive Board, along with the women selected to serve as Recruitment Guides, disaffiliate from their chapters to provide unbiased support to the current chapters and prospective members throughout the week of recruitment.

In addition to planning recruitment, the Panhellenic Governing Council also works to craft programming and activities that address current issues affecting women today. With a dedication to supporting women and their development, the Panhellenic Governing Councils celebrate strong women and continue to help them grow to be the best they can be.

Panhellenic Recruitment

CBU's Panhellenic Governing Council sororities traditionally admit new members in September through the primary recruitment process. This process alternates between the fourth and fifth week of school each year during the month of September. Through this process, women have the opportunity to interact with each chapter, learning more about each chapter's commitment to scholarship, service, and sisterhood. Some chapters also engage in a less formal recruitment process known as Continuous Open Bidding (COB) in the spring. 

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Membership Requirements

To be eligible to join a Panhellenic sorority, you should: 

  • Be a female student
  • Have full-time enrollment, including incoming first-semester students
  • Apply and complete the online registration form
  • Pay a participation fee of $25 at the time of registration

The primary recruitment period for 2019 was held in September. Prospective members interested in joining the Panhellenic Community are encouraged to apply for Primary Recruitment 2020 that will be held the fifth week of school in September 2020. This application will be available in May 2020. Until then, please visit the Panhellenic Recruitment Guidebook for more information on how to prepare for this recruitment process. 


Important Documents for Panhellenic Organizations