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Peer Educators

Now accepting applications for summer and fall Peer Educators!

If you are interested in being a Peer Mentor or Peer Tutor for 2020-2021, complete the online application or contact Ms. Justin Bowles.

If you are interested in being an Orientation Guide for Summer 2020, contact Mr. Tee Neely or complete one of the online applications: 

Peer Educator Awards

Peer Tutor of the Year-Griffin Henry
Peer Mentor of the Year-Itzel Gomez
Peer Counselor of the Year-Shea Childress
CARL of the Year "COTY"-Michelle Nicholson
CARL Student Choice-Kel Nesbitt
CARL Rookie of the Year-Katelyn Cherry

Peer Tutor of the Year-Shane Talley
Peer Mentor of the Year-Ken Guy
Peer Counselor of the Year-Zane Turner
CARL of the Year "COTY"-Shane Talley
CARL Student Choice-Angel Rodriguez
CARL Rookie of the Year-Chelsea Joyner

Peer Tutor of the Year- Calvin Taylor
Peer Mentor of the Year- Diana Abu-Obeid
Peer Counselor of the Year-Madison Cranford
Outstanding Leadership for STARS-Michelle Pleasant
CARL of the Year "COTY"-Ken Guy
CARL Student Choice-Nadia Rivas
CARL Rookie of the Year-Hung Nguyen

Natalie Sterling: Outstanding CARL of the Year
Peter Bursi- CARL Rookie of the Year
Damini Patel- CARL Emerging Leader of the Year
Maria Dopico- Outstanding Peer Counselor
Garret Mitchell- Peer Counselor of the Year
Jonathan Lo- Peer Counselor Student Choice
Nathan Sanford- Peer Tutor of the Year
Hannah Shultz- Peer Tutor Student Choice
Lauren Jeu- Peer Mentor of the Year
Kyle Fioranelli- Peer Mentor Student Choice
Brianna Berg- Peer Educator Emerging Leader