Peer Educators

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Peer Educators

If you would like to apply to be a Peer Mentor or Peer Tutor for the 2018-2019 school year, complete this application.


Peer Educator Awards
Peer Tutor of the Year-Shane Talley
Peer Mentor of the Year-Ken Guy
Peer Counselor of the Year-Zane Turner
CARL of the Year "COTY"-Shane Talley
CARL Student Choice-Angel Rodriguez
CARL Rookie of the Year-Chelsea Joyner
Peer Tutor of the Year- Calvin Taylor
Peer Mentor of the Year- Diana Abu-Obeid
Peer Counselor of the Year-Madison Cranford
Outstanding Leadership for STARS-Michelle Pleasant
CARL of the Year "COTY"-Ken Guy
CARL Student Choice-Nadia Rivas
CARL Rookie of the Year-Hung Nguyen
Natalie Sterling: Outstanding CARL of the Year
Peter Bursi- CARL Rookie of the Year
Damini Patel- CARL Emerging Leader of the Year
Maria Dopico- Outstanding Peer Counselor
Garret Mitchell- Peer Counselor of the Year
Jonathan Lo- Peer Counselor Student Choice
Nathan Sanford- Peer Tutor of the Year
Hannah Shultz- Peer Tutor Student Choice
Lauren Jeu- Peer Mentor of the Year
Kyle Fioranelli- Peer Mentor Student Choice
Brianna Berg- Peer Educator Emerging Leader