Peer Mentoring Program

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Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring Program is designed as an additional resource for students who want to build a strong relationship with their peers while learning new skills and gaining experience that will lead to success academically and socially. Peer mentors will guide mentees through unique challenges that they face and be a resource for any questions or concerns.   

Are you interested in taking charge of your education?  
Do you want an accountability partner?  
Would you like additional support in regards to academics, the CBU community and campus, or networking opportunities?  
Do you want to build strong relationships with your peers?     

Then take your CBU experience to the next level by joining the Peer Mentoring Program!    

Being a Peer Mentee allows you to:

  • Gain knowledge about CBU and what we have to offer
  • Get advice from seasoned upperclassmen
  • Find additional academic and social resources
  • Learn about internships
  • Get involved in a new way
  • Get tips about your professors
  • Identify specific skills that you need to strengthen
  • Learn to navigate the CBU network
  • Build strong relationships with other students

Any student can participate in the program by becoming a mentee. Each mentee is matched with a mentor and a group of 2-5 other mentees. Students will meet as a group and as well as individually throughout the semester. Your mentor will guide you through unique challenges that you face and be a resource for any questions or concerns you have. 

Mentors and mentees will meet and discuss their schedules and set times that work for both parties. Each week your mentor will reach out to you in some way and will be available for you if you need more time.    

Apply to become a Peer Mentee.

If you would like to be Peer Mentor, please visit the Peer Educator page.