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Refunds are payments to you for any amount received on your account that exceeds the cost of tuition and fees. Refunds are not processed until after Add/Drop and after the 14-day verification period each semester.

Federal Loan funds are downloaded electronically and posted directly to your account. If the posting creates a credit on your account, it will be refunded.

The preferred method for issuing a refund is an e-Refund in TouchNet. E-Refunds are processed weekly except during the start of a semester or during the start of a part of term.

  1. E-Refunds through TouchNet: Sign up for an e-Refund through your TouchNet account. This sends your refund into your bank account. E-Refunds are processed each week and an email notification is sent to you when your refund is processed. E-Refunds generally take 5 days for processing.
  2. Paper refund checks: You must come into the Business Office and fill out a Student Refund Request form. Paper refund requests take 14 days to process and are mailed to the address on record.
  3. Bookstore advance: If your student account shows pending financial aid that more than covers tuition, fees and housing, you can get a bookstore voucher to purchase books at the CBU Bookstore up to $500. These funds are put directly on your CBU ID card. Please stop by the Business Office to process an advance.