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Student Affairs

All students are members of several communities — city, county, state, university, church. As such, each student is subject to the rules and codes prescribed by each of these communities. As a member of this unique CBU community, you have many rights, duties and responsibilities. At the same time, as an academic and religious institution, CBU has a vested interest in both the safety and well-being of the campus community. By voluntarily joining the University community, a student assumes the responsibility for abiding by the standards that have been instituted pursuant to our mission, processes, functions and goals.

In the lefthand navigation menu, you will find links to The Compass student handbook and Student Judicial Affairs.

The Compass outlines and specifies the policies, rules, and Code of Conduct of the University. It is meant to assist you in understanding student rights and responsibilities in this faith community and to acquaint you with the numerous resources available. Please read this book carefully and keep it available for handy reference.

Judicial Affairs deals specifically with the CBU Code of Conduct and procedures for student grievances, complaints, judicial processes, and disciplinary action.