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Telephone Services


Students residing on campus are provided a phone jack in their suite along with a voice mailbox. However, you must bring your own phone and cord to utilize these services.

Student Life will provide you with a telephone number. Contact the Help Desk to get your voice mailbox set up. Please note that long-distance service is not provided. We recommend using either prepaid cards or a long distance billing card tied to your home account.

Faculty and Staff

A telephone will be provided for you within your office. Your department will request activation of your voice mailbox and long distance code. You will receive further instructions from ITS as soon as your account has been set up.


Long Distance:  To make long distance calls on campus, an authorization code is required. The department head can obtain a code for an employee by contacting the ITS Helpdesk. 

  • To make a long distance call within the U S: 9 + 1 + area code + phone number + authorization code 
  • To make an international long distance call: 9 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + local telephone number + authorization code
Voice Mail Instructions

To LOGIN and Retrieve Voice Mail Messages:
If you are logging in from your dorm room phone, just dial 3700 and your messages will play. If you pick up the handset and you hear a stutter dial tone as opposed to a regular dial tone, this indicates that you have a new voicemail message.

  • Dial 3700 if checking voicemail from any other phone on campus or 321-3700 if checking from anywhere off campus.
  • Dial your mail box number, which is your four-digit extension number, then press #.
  • Enter your password, then press #.
  • Delete each message by pressing 76.
  • Always delete your old messages!
To change your password:
  1. While logged in to Meridian Mail, press 84 and follow the prompts.
  2. Your new password may be from four (4)) to sixteen (16) numbers or letters, except for the characters #

Playback options:

  • After logging in, listen to the mailbox summary.
  • Listen to the first message announcement.
  • To play the message, press 2.
  • To skip back, press 1.
  • To skip forward, press 3.
  • To pause, press #; to continue, press 2.
  • To delete a message, press 76. (Be sure to always delete your messages after reading)
  • To restore a deleted message (within the current session only – meaning before you hang up), press 76 again.
  • To play the message envelope, press 72.

Callers from outside the University hear your external greeting; callers within the University hear your internal greeting. If you only record your external greeting both callers from outside and inside CBU will hear your external greeting.

To record your greeting:
  • While logged into Meridian Mail, press 82.
  • Press 1 for external greeting, 2 for internal greeting, or 3 for temporary greeting.
  • If you want to hear the current greeting, press 2.
  • Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone before you start to speak.
  • Press # to end the recording.

When you have finished recording, you can play the greeting, re-record it, delete it or press 4 exit.

If only the external greeting is recorded, it will play for all external or internal callers. Recording an internal greeting is not necessary when you have recorded an external greeting. If you record an internal greeting you must also record an external greeting. The temporary greeting is used while away from the office. An expiration date/time can be set and at the expiration date/time your greeting will revert back to your original greeting. If you don’t set a expiration date/time your temporary greeting will not expire.

To play your greeting:
  • Press 2 to play the greeting you recorded.
  • To re-record your greeting:
  • While at the beginning of the greeting, press 5 to record. Repeat the steps above
  • for recording.
To delete your greeting:
  • Press 76 to delete a greeting.
  • Press 4 to exit the greeting menu.
To record your Personal Verification:
  • While logged in to Meridian Mail, press 89.
  • You will either hear your telephone number or the name that has been recorded.
  • To record or rerecord your personal verification, press 5.
  • This message should be just your name, number or department.
  • After recording the verification, press #.
  • Press 4 to return to your messages.
To leave a message for multiple people:
  • After logging into the voicemail system, press 75 to make a list of mailboxes.
  • Enter each mailbox number followed by #.
  • When you have completed the list, press # again.
  • Press 5 to record your message.
  • Press 2 to listen to your message.
  • Press 76 to delete or 79 to send.

To forward a message:

  • You can forward a message to another mailbox or to multiple mailboxes. You can also record an introduction to the original message.
  • After hearing the message, press 7 3 to forward.
  • Enter the mailbox number to which you want to forward the message, then press #. If you are forwarding to multiple mailboxes, enter the next mailbox number followed by #. End by pressing # again. (If you are forwarding to only one mailbox, you must enter the number followed by # and then press # again to end.)
  • To record an introduction, press 5, wait for the tone, then speak. End the recording by pressing #.
  • To send the message, press 79.
Express messaging:
  • Dial 3800.
  • Dial the number of the person you wish to leave the message for and press #.
  • After recording the message, press #.
  • Press 79 to send.

If you have forgotten the commands, while you are in the mailbox, you may press 8* for a menu of mailbox options. While you are in a message, you may press 7* for a list of mail options. Your mailbox will walk you through almost anything that you want to do with it.