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Student Government

Fellow Students,

The Student Government Association is very excited to​ inspire school spirit by bridging gaps through the inter­organizational community, inviting participation, encouraging communication while embracing Memphis and upholding the values of CBU​. We hope that through​ the Lasallian Principles of showing respect for individuals as unique people and a spirit of community, ​we can truly promote every student’s intellectual, social, and career interest on this campus. ​We aim to foster greater transparency from the Executive Council and a clearer understanding of SGA’s initiatives and processes. Most importantly, we will work with you to provide a more wholesome, diverse college experience that is tailored to your own visions for our growth and development as a university.


Lauren Magdefrau, President 

Student Government Association's Mission

  • To promote the intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional and career interests of individual students, the collective student body, as well as the University community as a whole
  • To effectively interpret collective student opinion to the administration
  • To act as a service organization by and for the collective student body
  • To provide various opportunities for the development of leadership, as well as the fostering of community responsibilities, among the student body

The Student Government helps provide support to on-campus student organizations, increases awareness of issues as they relate to the student body, and provides students with an opportunity to have their voices heard at all levels of the CBU community.

Contact Us

SGA Office Phone: (901) 321-3535 
The CBU Student Government office is located in the Student Life Suite in Rozier Center.

The Student Government President hosts a President's Meeting during the first week of each month, where upcoming events, policies, and more are discussed. If you miss this meeting, please see below for a copy of the meeting minutes