CBU WORK PLAN 2023-2025

CBU Work PLan

In December 2022, the CBU executive team and Board of Trustees convened for a retreat to develop an initial list of strategic priorities for the University. The outcome of the retreat, a CBU Work Plan that was moderated by Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, President of the Association of Catholic Colleges & Universities, was the identification of potential short- and long-term strategic directions for CBU. Because of the urgency to address institutional finances, the executive team was tasked with swiftly developing a 24-month plan for the Board to approve in Spring 2023.

The CBU Work Plan is built on the successes CBU achieved in its “Pathways to Success” Strategic Plan (2017-2022), as well as on the challenges faced during the global COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in goals that were unmet, delayed, or perhaps required rethinking in lieu of the hard lessons that were learned during those difficult years

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CBU Work Plan

Anchored by general goals to grow enrollment, improve CBU’s reputation, control costs, and improve gift and grant revenue, the two-year work plan was proposed and accepted by the Board at its May 2023 meeting.

In developing the plan, the executive team focused its work on identifying actions that would generate new revenue or reduce costs swiftly. Consequently, the plan is predominantly designed around new activities and initiatives and assumes the general maintenance of existing programs and operations.

The two-year plan is also constructed around initiatives that the executive team deems realistic and achievable, either with existing resources or with prudent additions, such as attractive degree programs.