Federal regulations require schools which administer federal student financial aid funds to provide certain information to prospective and current students, parents, and employees. Below you will find links regarding various important topics relative to CBU.

Availability of University Employees for Information Dissemination

The University is required to designate an employee or group of employees to assist enrolled or prospective students in obtaining all of the information specified below. If the University has designated one person for an area of responsibility, that person shall be available, upon reasonable notice, to any enrolled or prospective student throughout the normal administrative working hours listed. If more than one person, often an entire office, is designated, their combined work schedules have been arranged so that at least one of them is available, upon reasonable notice, throughout the normal administrative working hours listed.

Admissions and Re-Admission

The responsible office is Enrollment Management. Procedures can be found in the Academic Catalog for:

  • Undergraduate admission and readmission.
  • Graduate program policies.
  • College of Adult Professional Studies (CAPS).
  • Physician Assistant Studies (PA): www.cbu.edu/pa-admission.

Academic Integrity

The responsible office is the Dean of Students Office. Please contact the Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life, Beth Gerl at bgerl@cbu.edu or (901) 321-3531.

Office Hours
  • Mon-Thu: 8:30am – 6pm
  • Fri: 8am – 5pm

Academic Programs

Student Achievement

Christian Brothers University evaluates success with respect to student achievement using:

For additional information on student achievement, please contact the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness.