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Counseling Services

The primary mission of the Counseling Center is to assist students in accomplishing personal and academic goals by offering opportunities to support and enhance personal growth and development of the whole person especially in emotional, social, physical, and intellectual realms.

The Counseling Center offers assistance and services to all students affiliated with Christian Brothers University. Confidential, professional services include personal counseling, crisis counseling/ intervention, personal development seminars, consultation and referrals. You can walk-in or schedule an appointment from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Sadie J. Lisenby
Director of Counseling
Thomas Center 100
(901) 321-3527

Services of CBU’s clinical consulting psychologist are available by appointment through the Counseling Center.

For after-hours emergency assistance, you may call Campus Police & Safety at 901-321-3550 or check under "Crisis Telephone Numbers" (below) for community resources providing 24-hour assessment/assistance at no charge.

  • Al- Anon                                                                                    (901) 323-0321
  • Alcohol Abuse 24-Hour Assistance                                       (1-800) 234-1253
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Helpline                                           (901) 726-6750
  • Cocaine Anonymous Hotline                                                 (901) 725-5012
  • Crestwyn Behavioral Health                                                  (901) 248-1500
  • Memphis Crisis Center (database of 3,000 referrals)           (901) 274-7477
  • Lakeside Needs Assessment and Referral Center               (901) 377-4733
  • Narcotics Anonymous                                                           (901) 276-5483
  • Parkwood Behavioral Health Services                                   (901) 521-1400
  • Rape Crisis (Shelby County Rape Crisis Center)                   (901) 222-4350
  • St. Francis Behavioral Health Services                                   (901) 765-1400
  • Suicide and Crisis Intervention                                               (901) 274-7477 or 1-800-SUICIDE