Center for Digital Media

The CBU Center for Digital Instruction was developed in 2018 with a generous donor grant to build the infrastructure and processes necessary to create, implement and evolve a technologically facilitated pedagogy. It was initially named Online Learning & Educational Technology (OLET) but was changed to the Center for Digital Instruction (CDI) in March 2020 to reflect its growing role in facilitating the next level of Lasallian teaching.

The CDI’s mission is to:

  • Improve educational quality and learning outcomes across all academic programs.
  • Increase CBU’s capacity to offer personalized and customized educational experiences.
  • Collaborate with faculty to bring new digital learning experiences to teaching environments both online and in the classroom.
  • Launch CBU’s first fully online degree program.

The CDI is working on some of our campus’s most pressing issues, such as training for CBU’s online learning platform Canvas. Our instructional designers have also developed training to assist professors in structuring well-organized, high quality, assessment driven online courses. Every day, our team works with administration, staff and faculty to move toward the launch of CBU’s first fully online degrees. As faculty who care about student experiences, you should be proud to know that we are developing our online learning program with student success in mind. We have an online Student Success specialist on our team dedicated to eliminating barriers for distance students and advocating for their needs on campus.

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