The Rosa Deal School of Arts is the heart of the educational experience at Christian Brothers University. Through courses taken in the Rosa Deal School of Arts, you develop broad general knowledge in the arts, humanities, and social sciences regardless of your major. You develop skills in different forms of inquiry, abstract logical thinking, and critical analysis. Studies in the School of Arts provide you with an array of opportunities to enhance your abilities to think, read, write, and speak while cultivating historical, ethical, religious, literary, and social scientific consciousness.

When you study within the Rosa Deal School of Arts, you join a particularly intellectual community of learners and take part in its special way of exploring the world and the self, thereby preparing for a wide variety of educational and professional choices. All School of Arts majors take a variety of courses from across departmental disciplines selected for the purpose of providing you with a broad, deep, and rich educational experience. 

Departments in the Rosa Deal School of Arts

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences: Cross sectional model of the human brain.
Behavioral Sciences
Behavioral Sciences provide courses which introduce the science, breadth, and personal application of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and criminal justice to students from all academic areas.
Early Childhood Education: Child's table filled with various wooden blocks with letters and Play-doh
Educators prepared at CBU are teachers who lead and serve. CBU offers programs that meet the needs of educators and help teachers and leaders make a difference.
Pantheon in Greece Cultural Studies
History and Political Science
The study of history and political science helps you to better understand the world in which you live and the people who inhabit it. History provides you with an explanation of how we got where we are now so you can help direct where we’re going.
Books of various thickness stacked on top of each other English
Literature and Languages
The field of English is expansive, ranging from the study of major literary works to contemporary digital texts and to the processes and practices of writing. We study language to better understand what it is to be human and connect with others.
Marble statue head on a pedistal
Religion and Philosophy
The academic study of religion and philosophy helps us understand the importance of compassion in engaging an increasingly diverse and complex world in a responsible and meaningful way as we come to appreciate the worldviews of others and ourselves.
abstract artwork with blue, yellow, and red colors Visual Art
Visual and Performing Arts
The Visual and Performing Arts ask us to become imaginative problem solvers who can communicate our most important thoughts, feelings, and experiences across cultural, social, and even historic divides to create a lasting sense of human community.

Social Justice @ CBU

Christian Brothers University takes social justice very seriously — it’s one of the Lasallian principles we build on. While others talk about making the world a better place, our students actually do it! High school students from the area came to CBU to find out how careers in business and the arts can give you a platform to change the world! Hosted by the Rosa Deal School of Arts and CBU School of Business.