Engineering Technology

Engineering technology graduates develop and implement engineering and technology solutions to solve real-world problems.
Degree Type: BS

Christian Brothers University is now offering a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology starting in the Fall 2023.

Currently, there is a strong nationwide demand for highly skilled employees in the field of high-technology manufacturing, but unfortunately, there is a shortage of qualified candidates. The BSET answers this call by providing graduates with a strong background in robotics, mechatronics, and autonomous systems for all areas of manufacturing as well as other industries that employ such technologies. This includes hands-on technical ability, comprehension of theory and design, management, and project management.

Our program is designed teach students to solve problems utilizing techniques and tools based in mathematics, science, engineering and technology. Learning technical process of designing systems, conducting tests and experiments coupled with training in written, oral and graphical communication prepares students to not only be an effective team member, but to also lead teams with confidence. 

The BS in Engineering Technology program prepares graduates for a career where the focus is on producing, implementing, maintaining, and operating engineering systems. Graduates will be prepared to enter all sectors of business, industry, and government, especially in the fields of manufacturing and logistics.

Program Options


Within the major, you may choose a concentration in Robotic and Mechatronics Engineering Technology. As automation and robotics increase around us, so does the need for engineers with specialized knowledge in these fields. The study of Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering Technology teaches you to develop the best possible design by seamlessly merging mechanical and electronics knowledge. In studying these fields, you will learn the interdisciplinary knowledge necessary for the development of intelligent devices from start to finish, rather than creating separate mechanical, electrical, and control designs. 

You’ll learn how to handle vast amounts of data and create systems that make sense of data in real time. With this knowledge comes the skill to develop, manufacture, and operate the intelligent products and complex systems of today and tomorrow — from assistive medical devices to robots used in space, from consumer electronics to virtual reality, from robotics employed in precision manufacturing to everyday household products that are transformed into truly clever devices.

What You’ll Study

The Engineering Technology major requires 124 credit hours. You’ll take CBU general education and liberal arts courses, plus courses in:

Robotic and Mechatronics Engineering Technology

  • Programing
    • Applied Statistics & Dynamics
      • Applied Mechanics
        • Automatic Control Applications

Autonomous Systems

  • Instrumentation & Measurements
    • Concepts of Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
      • Engineering Graphics
        • Digital Circuits for Technologists
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Is Engineering Technology for you?


Currently, there is a strong demand for highly skilled employees of all levels in the area of high-technology transportation/ logistics and high-technology manufacturing. The BSET Program answers this call by providing graduates with a strong background in autonomous systems and mechatronics as well as other hands-on technical abilities, comprehension of theory and design, management, and project management. Graduates can expect to be qualified for a wide variety of job positions, including, but not limited to:

Robotic and Mechatronics Engineering Technology

  • Automation / Robotics Technologist
    • Automation / Robotics Equipment Sales
      • Automation and Controls Technologist
        • Manufacturing or Industrial Technologist

Autonomous Systems

  • Autonomous system development
    • Autonomous system applications
      • Unmanned aircraft development and operations
        • Autonomous navigation system implemenation and programming


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