English Education (6-12, Licensure)

An English Education major provides opportunities for you to develop a variety of skills that you can use as an educator or in another profession. You will learn to give oral presentations, think critically and creatively, write and edit effectively, and manage time and materials.
Degree Type: BA

Offered in partnership with CBU’s Department of Education, the English Education major will not just prepare you for initial teacher licensure but for changing the world.

When you choose to major in English Education, you’ll be making a commitment to not only yourself but to all those students you’ll be able to reach over your career. You’re committing to follow in the footsteps of our own founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, who is the patron saint of teachers. Over 300 years ago, he committed to bringing education to everyone, and today, our world still needs people like you who want to develop young people and help give them a bright future.

It’s a big task, but don’t worry, we’ll be right here with you as you take on your first classroom teaching assignments, prepare for licensure exams, and bring together materials and knowledge that you’ll draw from throughout your teaching career.

And if you do decide that teaching isn’t the career for you, we’ll still be there helping you find your path with your highly developed critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

English Education Program Highlights

The English Education major requires 138 credit hours:

  • 25 credits: General education. Math, English, religious studies, social science or history, natural or physical science
  • 33 credits: Liberal arts. Foreign language, the humanities and social sciences
  • 47 credits: Major requirements. English composition, literature, and speech communication courses
  • 33 credits: Licensure. Education courses, practicum, student teaching, portfolio
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  • English — 18 credits in upper level English courses
  • Creative Writing — 18 credits in English and creating writing courses. These courses also contribute to interdisciplinary minors in American Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Sustainability Studies, and Peace Studies.
  • Foreign Language — 12 credits in Chinese, French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian, or Spanish

Professional Writing Certificate

CBU offers a Professional Writing Certificate that allows students from majors across the university to combine four courses to add to their credentials as proficient and career-ready communicators. Courses include business communications, advanced composition, creative writing, art, and creative nonfiction.

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