Additional Details

CBU Story Time creates a chance for all CBU faculty, staff, and students to gather together to enjoy the favorite stories of featured CBU community members. From children’s books and poems to short stories, individuals will have a chance to share their favorite stories right before bedtime! CBU Story Time is a fun, creative, and community building event that will work to provide all CBU faculty, staff, and students, the opportunity to relax, rest, and rekindle friendships across the campus community.

This month’s line up of presenters:
Dr. Lydia Rosencrants, Dean, School of Business
Dr. Lyndsey Pierson, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Dr. Divya Choudary, Professor, Dean, Director, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Adult Professional Studies, Department of Graduate Engineering
Kim Tilus, Director of Student Engagement
Emma Clark, Sophomore CBU Honors Program Representative