Additional Details

STEM Day will offer sessions tailored to YOUR interests at 10:00, 11:00, and 1:00. Listed below are all of the available sessions and their times.

Cooking Up Some Concrete (available at 1:00): Learn how to make concrete for construction purposes and how to test it to get its strength! The strength testing of concrete will be explosive!

LiftOff Labs: Drones & Engineering Dynamics (available at 10:00 and 1:00): Learn and explore the fascinating intersection of drones and engineering. This session unravels the genius behind these airborne devices, offering both theoretical insights and hands-on piloting experiences.


Purifying Water (available at 10:00): Learn how to purify water by creating a filter apparatus on site and passing dirty water through it. This application of Environmental Engineering demonstrates the importance of access to clean water.


Artificial Intelligence and Microcontrollers (available at 1:00): Learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to process images for applications in facial recognition and noise filtering of images. Also learn about microcontrollers that use ultrasonic sensors to measure distances.

Drone Flight (available at 11:00 and 1:00): Learn about unmanned aerial systems and how to fly drones for engineering applications.


Chalk Cannon (available at 10:00): Learn how to build a mini cannon that launches projectiles.

Flap-tastic Ornithopter (available at 11:00): Learn how to make an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings that imitate the flapping-wing flight of birds, bats, and insects.

Going Up or Going Down (available at 1:00): Learn how the airplane can fly and to make an airfoil that have a better lift-to-drag ratio.

Mobile Robots – Racing to the Future (available at 10:00 and 11:00): Learn to build circuits for mobile robots and control them using remote controls.


Oobleck (Walking on Water) (available at 11:00): Oobleck is like a magical goo that can be both a liquid and a solid. When you squeeze it, it feels hard, but when you relax your grip, it turns into a runny liquid. It’s a fun and messy complex fluid experiment you can play with!


Nursing 101 (available at 10:00, 11:00, and 1:00): This overview of health care skills required for the Nursing profession will teach you how to stop cases of severe bleeding, read an EKG, start an IV, and more!


Careers in Computer Science (available at 10:00): Computer science is one of the most versatile degrees with people finding employment in all kinds of companies and areas. Whether you want to work alone coding most of the day or if you thrive with interpersonal human interaction, there is a place for you in computer science. In this session you’ll hear about exciting internship activities and applied CS projects that CBU CS students are currently engaged in. You’ll also learn about the hottest computer programming languages according to the most recent TIOBE index and leave with resources on how to get started learning these languages with free and open-source tools.


Anatomy & the Boneyard (available at 10:00): Dissect owl pellets in search of small mammal bones! Use a dichotomous key to identify different mammal, reptile, and amphibian skulls.

Building Blocks of Life (available at 1:00): Learn how to extract life’s blueprints, DNA, from your own cells! Perform a DNA extraction using your own saliva.

The Chemistry of Metabolism: Seeing the CO2! (available at 1:00): When we lose weight, where does it go? During this activity, will we view the chemical products that our body produces whenever it metabolizes fats and sugars. Please join us in our exploration of the chemical reactions that take place within our bodies, and learn what happens to the fat we carry whenever we lose weight.


Elephant Toothpaste & Flaming Gummy Bears (available at 11:00 and 1:00): Hands-on activities will range from simple titrations with color indicators and preparation of a color oscillator solution that rapidly changes color from green to blue to violet to red-brown. Demonstrations will include preparation of a rainbow solution and elephant toothpaste. Last, but not least, we will sacrifice an unsuspecting gummy bear in a fiery reaction.


The Wonders of Electromagnetic Induction (available at 10:00 and 11:00): From generating electric power to making a frictionless brake, electromagnetic induction has so many uses in our world. Come and see some amazing demonstrations of this natural phenomenon!