The time is NOW to build a better future! Gather a team (2-5 members) to compete in CBU’s Civil Engineering Competition September 18, 2023, when up to six teams in each category will test their skills for the judges, CBU’s renowned engineering professors. 

Don’t wait! There’s preparation involved, and you’ll want time to learn and build before you come.

Open to all high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Students from the Memphis area compete in the Civil Engineering Competition at CBU.

Geo Wall Competition

Geo Wall Competition Registration

Water Filtration Competition

Water Filter Competition Registration

K’NEX Bridge Competition

K’NEX Bridge Competition Registration

Applied Mathematics Competition

Maximum Team Size:  3 students

Target Participants:  High school students who are currently enrolled in Algebra 2 or higher.  

Calculator Specification:  Each student may use one calculator that comes from the below list.  No other calculators (or phones) are allowed during this competition. ONLY calculators on the list below are allowed.

Applied Mathematics Competition Registration

Questions? Contact Us.

If you have questions on any of the competitions please reach out to Dr. Andrew Assadollahi.

Dr. Andrew Assadollahi, PE
Interim Dean and Associate Professor, Gadomski School of Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering