First-Year Students,

Apply now for ENVISION 2017, the leadership program specially designed for freshmen at CBU. If there is something about CBU you want to improve upon or a new program/initiative that you would like to develop, this is your opportunity to do it.

ENVISION is a leadership program specially designed for freshmen at CBU that enables first-year students to develop leadership skills by tackling campus issues through an intensive process of research and collaboration. Through ENVISION, students work in small teams, based on project identification, to work on improving the campus through direct action. Participants research what has been done in the past, develop a new proposal, and receive feedback from campus professionals along the way. This method of experiential learning allows students to become more aware and effective leaders at CBU.

The 9-week program familiarizes students with CBU and the inner workings of the CBU administration and student organizations while they work on resolving campus issues of interest to the overall student body. Weekly sessions alternate between leadership development presentations and working meetings, which allow teams to actively work together on their projects and obtain feedback and advice from the larger ENVISION group. ENVISON is a great way for you to learn how to be a leader at CBU through hands-on experience.

Upon completion of the 9 week program, ENVISION teams present to the campus community on their projects, their progress, and their next steps. While it is difficult to solve a problem in only a few weeks, during this time, students have developed a plan for how to continue addressing the issue in the future. Additionally, ENVISION teams will have an opportunity to present program proposals to sponsors for feedback and funding.

ENVISION is limited to 20 participants and an application process is required. Additionally, the ENVISION Administrative Team obtains recommendations from faculty members regarding student nominations.

If you are ready to be a part of the ENVISION leadership program, please complete the application form below. Applications must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, December 12th, 2016.

The ENVISION Administrative Team:
Shelby Roberts, Academic Services
Amy Ware, Career Services
Alani Lee, Career Services Intern
Wilson Phillips, Student Life

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We learn from our successes, but even more from our failures. When was a time when an initiative that you were very involved in failed? Why did it fail? What did you learn?
What is one thing that CBU could do better to have made your first year at CBU more successful?
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