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Founder's Week

Each year, Founder’s Week at CBU honors the Legacy of our Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, who founded an Institute in the Catholic Church for the purpose of teaching, particularly the young and the poor. The De La Salle Christian Brothers were first founded in the 17th century, and almost 350 years later the Teaching Methods of the first Brothers live on in some 80 countries around the world. 

Lasallian Brothers, affiliated members, and lay men and women around the world have embraced the Lasallian traditions of "Faith, Service, and Community" and "Together by Association." Christian Brothers University is one of around 70 colleges and universities around the world. In the North American Region, we have seven universities (one of which, Bethlehem University, is actually in the Holy Land).

Founder's Week 2019 included the following events:

  • Founder's Day Mass in Stritch Chapel
  • Panel of De La Salle Christian Brothers that have lived their lives of faith, service, and community in a variety of ways
  • Presentation about the life of Br. James Miller, the first De La Salle Brother from the United States to be beatified
  • Prayer service for issues of injustice and poverty in our communities, society, and in the world
  • PB&J service: preparing sandwiches to donate to St. Mary's Catholic church in downtown Memphis
  • Recognition of great educators and authors