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Greek Life

Mission Statement

"The Office of Greek Life at CBU strives to create environments and programs that foster educational achievement and leadership opportunities for every chapter and member."

At CBU, we have a rich, diverse, and active Greek community.  Our chapters value service, Brotherhood and Sisterhood, and the development of all of their members. Our members represent scholars, athletes, philanthropists, social activists, and more. Becoming a member of a Greek Letter Organization has the potential to energize your collegiate experience and help you form relationships that will last a lifetime, all while making you a part of organizations that consistently rank as the most engaged both on campus and in our Memphis community.

CBU Greek Life Quick Facts
  • 12% of the CBU student body is affiliated with a Greek Letter Organization
  • On average, our Greek students complete 15 hours of community service per member. In the 2013-2014 school year, that means that our students donated over 3000 hours of their time to improving their local and national communities.
  • CBU Greek students regularly perform above their respective Male and Female all-student GPA averages.

When you're ready to join a Greek Letter Organization, CBU helps make it as easy as possible. To get started, click here, or use the "Joining a Greek Organization" link on the left.