Green Fund Application

We recomend that you consult the Green Fund FAQ page and prepare your statements and forms before beginning the online application. If you have any further questions, please e-mail us at the address below.

If you are a student applying for a grant, you are required to have a faculty or staff adviser for the project who must submit the CBU Green Fund Adviser Form to the Sustainability Committee (see form download at bottom of page). Advisers should e-mail the form to:

Grant applications will be considered incomplete until all forms have been received. Thank you. We look forward to hearing your proposals!

Application for Grant Projects

Name of Project Lead*
Phone Number*
Please indicate your status at CBU:*

Name of Faculty or Staff Adviser (required for student applicants)
Email and Phone Number of Faculty or Staff Adviser
Major (student applicants only)
Expected Graduation Year of the Project Lead (student applicants only)
Type of Project*
Describe the overall purpose/goals of the project and what benefits your project will provide to CBU’s campus and community. 500 words minimum. 1000 words maximum.*
How will you measure the project’s effectiveness?*
Beyond any need for additional funding, please describe your plan to ensure your project’s longevity.*
Using the Budget Form (see form download below), please provide an itemized list for all materials that will need to be purchased and provide the total amount of money you are requesting from the CBU Green Fund.*
Using the Project Timeline Form (see form download below), please provide a detailed description the project’s implementation, including approximate start and completion dates.*
Please answer the simple math question below to submit the form.
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