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School ofSciences

Health Science

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, Christian Brothers University will offer a new program dedicated to Health Science, leading to a Bachelor of Science in Health Science. With this degree, graduates can work in a healthcare setting or within their community in other ways to advance public and personal health. Students may use this degree as a "pre-nursing" course of study if they wish to transfer to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree track as a junior, or as a stand-alone starting point for graduate-level work in health and medicine.

The program is easily tailored to each individual student's needs, goals, and interests. Students may choose to focus in areas of biology, chemistry, natural science, or psychology. Faculty will work closely with students to develop a customized plan of study, allowing students to focus on specific areas of health, including environmental health, population health, or healthcare.

The Bachelor of Science in Heath Science will require 122 total credit hours, including 30 hours of general educational requirements (English, social sciences, mathematics, etc.), 42 hours of electives, and 50 hours of major requirements. Thirty of the 50 major requirements must be in the 200+ level, and 14 must be in the 300+ level, which may include courses in the physical sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.), the health sciences, or the behavioral sciences (anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc.). Required courses will include BIOL 150/150L, BIOL 151/151L, HSCI 300 Pathophysiology, HSCI 301 Pharmacology, and HSCI 450 Capstone. A full list of course requirements will be in the Academic Catalog 2020-2021, which can be accessed at as soon as it is available.