Plough Library offers a variety of library instruction options, including how-to videos, fly-by sessions, workshops, research consultations, Instruct: Information Literacy modules, and library tours.

Faculty: To request any of these services for a class, please contact Kay Cunningham, Library Director, at (901) 321-3430 or or your department’s library liaison.

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  • How-To Videos: These CBU Plough Library tutorials on a variety of information literacy and searching topics can be linked or embedded in your Canvas courses.
  • Fly-By: Schedule a quick library instruction session for the comfort and convenience of your own classroom, in person or online.
  • Workshops: Work with a librarian to plan individualized sessions tailored to your class’s research and information needs.
  • Research Consultation: Encourage your students to meet with a librarian to address individual research needs by requesting a personalized consultation.
  • Instruct: Information Literacy: Supplement instruction with videos, tutorials, and quizzes ideal for flipping the classroom and addressing gaps in classroom or online teaching. Instruct’s activities are easy to embed into Canvas courses.
  • Tours: Engage students with Plough Library by covering every area of the library.

KAY CUNNINGHAM, Library Director
Phone: (901) 321-3430