Maurelian Mondays First Year Outreach

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Maurelian Mondays First Year Outreach

OVERVIEW:  Student Life has committed to offering programming in the Maurelian Lounge for the 2016-7 academic year. Events will promote student development informed by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need and Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development as templates to determine the order of events and their desired learning outcomes.

PROCESS: The Associate Vice President for Student Life will organize the schedule, inviting colleagues and guests as appropriate. Students will be invited by their RAs to attend as many as these programs as possible, although it will not be a “requirement.” All sessions will take place in the Maurelian Lounge or just outside (weather and topic permitting). Refreshments/snacks will be provided or may serve as a central point of discussion, such as at the “Healthy Living” session. Some materials such as poster board and easels will be necessary.

ASSESSMENT & OBJECTIVES: Each session will have specific learning outcomes/objectives ranging from knowledge of policies/procedures to self and community awareness. The program will be routinely and annually assessed.


22           Welcome Reception, Rules, Overview and Meal Plan

29           Meet Campus Police & Safety and Register Your Valuables


5              Know Your Nine: Title IX, Consent and CBU

12           Happy Greeks and Non-Greeks

19           Fitting in: The Roommate Game

26           Healthy Living: Blood Pressure checks/fitness/Kroc Services/Alcohol


3              Meet the SGA leaders and Programming Board

10           Falling in Love/Healthy Relationships

17           Fall Break: Hanging out with whoever is here

24           Basic First Aid/CPR/Drug Usage

31           Halloween & Career Services: Now THAT’S scary!


7              Meet the Deans & Administrators

14           Meet Some REAL “Christian Brothers” and what’s “Lasallian” anyway?

21           Sustaining “Sustainability:” Recycling and other opportunities at CBU

28           Giving “Thanks” and Service Opportunities



5              Studying Abroad Options and Experiences

12           Stress Management and Reflection: How’s CBU been so far?