Christian Brothers University (CBU) has announced that a new position has been created in its upper administration. Effective July 1, Dr. Paul Haught will transition from his current role as vice president for academics into the university’s new upper administrative position of vice president and chief strategy officer. In this new position, Haught will focus on identifying strategies and opportunities that support the long-term enrollment growth, innovation agenda, and sustainability of our university. He will also be responsible for leading the development, implementation, and evaluation of our Strategic Plan and all other major planning processes to ensure integration and consistency with our long-term goals and objectives. The position will report directly to the president of the university and will work closely with its Board of Trustees. 

As a member of the CBU faculty since 2006 and as vice president for academics for the past eight years, Haught has played a strong leadership role in strategic visioning, planning, and implementation. Under his academic leadership, CBU has expanded its degree offerings across programs in every field of study and has increased its capacities for online and distance education. Haught also served as co-chair of the university’s previous five-year strategic plan, which culminated last year and successfully completed 90 percent of its ambitious initiatives. 

“I am confident that Paul Haught will help CBU reach new heights and greater achievements in his new position as vice president and chief strategy officer,” said David L. Archer, president of CBU, “and that he will guide us along clear and feasible pathways to further our Lasallian mission of transformational education.” 

Haught holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Georgetown University, a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of North Texas, and a PhD from Tulane University. Prior to his arrival at CBU in 2006, he taught philosophy at Newberry College in South Carolina. 

“I believe coming up academically in the field of philosophy has helped me remain humble in my receptiveness to the insights and criticisms of others,” Haught said. “But it also prepared me to act decisively when the moment requires. I believe this new position meshes well with my work ethic and my affection for CBU and the greater Memphis community.” 

It was also announced that Dr. Lydia Rosencrants, who has served as dean of the CBU School of Business for the past two years, will step into the role of interim vice president for academics, effective July 1. Dr. Rosencrants came to CBU with 22 years of prior experience in higher education and has spent her tenure as Dean focused on creating and fostering partnerships by collaborating with businesses, nonprofits, other colleges and universities, K-12 schools, CBU’s advisory boards and alumni, local government, and the Memphis community. 

“I have to give credit to Paul Haught for being a terrific mentor to me since my arrival at CBU,” Dr. Rosencrants said. “It’s an honor to step into this position, and I hope to follow his lead and to be able to mentor others.” 

Dr. Rosencrants earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the Robins School of Business at the University of Richmond and a PhD in Accounting from Michigan State University. Prior to her deanship at CBU, she served on the faculty and administration of LaGrange College in Georgia. 

“Lydia Rosencrants has already been named to several prestigious local lists of women in business and education,” President Archer said. “I am pleased to point out that this new position fits well as an addition to those acclaims, since it makes her the first woman to serve as Vice President for Academics in the history of Christian Brothers University.”