August 19, 2022:

Christian Brothers University (CBU) and Momentum Nonprofit Partners (Momentum) are partnering to better serve the needs of our community. This new collaboration will couple the vision, values and guiding principles of Momentum’s work with the extraordinary educational opportunities that CBU offers.

This partnership aims to assist nonprofit professionals in reaching their maximum potential through educational opportunities.

Director of Graduate Recruiting Kirbi Tucker said:

“It is critical that our community leaders remain motivated as they continue the work for the greater good. At Christian Brothers University, we encourage our students to reach out to serve one another and work to build a better society.” Kevin Dean (Momentum Nonprofit Partners CEO) is an example of Christian Brothers University alumni doing just that “serving.”

Kevin Dean is leading some impactful work in the nonprofit sector, and we believe this partnership will drive the collaborative work of improving communities.

This unique partnership between CBU and Momentum reflects the university’s commitment to providing a quality, private college education that is affordable. Starting in September (CBU’s month of service), Momentum Partners are eligible for 20 percent off tuition. In addition, CBU will ensure that nonprofit professionals have an educational community committed to academic excellence and the betterment of society.

Director of CBU Center for Community Engagement Justin Brooks believes that intentional collaboration between nonprofits and local colleges/universities is the key to organizing a more diverse ‘service’ population and creating opportunities that promote equitable employment, unbiased education, and sustainable communities. Since 1871, CBU has strived to be a positive impact in all of these areas and more, making us an ideal (and thankful) partner.

Christian Brothers University offers 10 graduate degree programs, six graduate certificate programs, and two teaching licensure programs. Therefore, CBU is an ideal place for nonprofit professionals to earn a graduate degree and grow in their careers and lives. If you are interested in discussing your academic options, please contact Kirbi Tucker at

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