Prof. Melinda Posey, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, feels strongly that real-world experience is an integral part of her class curriculum. These opportunities reveal to her students that design is bigger than their classroom and they can use their skills to make the world a better place. This semester six graphic design BFA majors have partnered with the United Nations (UN) & Sustainable Stock Exchange (SSE) to promote International Women’s Day.

On March 8th, 2022, Oscar Jauregui Zenteno, Marilyn Bedrossian, Serena Lei, Gonzalo Naranjo, Mario Campos, and Cierrah Ferguson’s animations for the annual “Ring the Bell for Gender Equality” were featured on the NASDAQ Tower in Times Square NYC, in honor of International Women’s Day.

Throughout March, student-designed animations will feature on SSE’s social channels (Twitter and YouTube), promoting International Women’s month and highlighting their Gender Report release. Additionally, CBU Senior Marilyn Bedrossian is interning remotely with the UN-SSE this semester as a graphic designer. Marilyn created infographics, typesetting, and animations for the SSE Report on Gender.

CBU students in the classroom gathered around the corkboard board.
Laptop screen showing design software.
CBU students in classroom watching a video together.

I go to New York every year to visit family and always stop at Times Square. Seeing my work on one of the billboards is something I have always wanted, but never imagined it could happen as a student.

Serena Lei

Dr. Anthony Miller, Coordinator, UN SSE, thanked the CBU team saying, “The team translated our rough ideas into exceptional visual and print material, adding significant value through their vision of how we might communicate our work. We are proud to disseminate this work internationally through our various media platforms as well as through partners like the Nasdaq stock exchange and their Times Square screen.”

The Art Dept. will be establishing a regular design internship with the SSE. The SSE will offer students the opportunity to intern remotely during the academic year and a summer internships. CBU design courses plan to partner with the SSE and other UN initiatives for the foreseeable future to deliver design projects when needed. 

This was a fantastic opportunity for our CBU design students. The SSE has been extremely generous in allowing our student designers the opportunity to partner with them in creating professional content for this very visible venue. This is a wonderful opportunity for our student designers to practice their craft on a global stage where they can make change and reflect overall LaSallian values. We are very grateful for the trust that SSE has given our students to make work that represents their organization.

Melinda Posey, Associate Professor of Graphic Design – VAPA 
Graphic design work displayed on billboards in Time Square promoting Gender Equality focused products.
Graphic design work displayed on billboards in Time Square promoting Gender Equality.
Graphic design work displayed on billboards in Time Square promoting Ringing the bell for Gender Equality.focused products.

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