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The responsibility for locating legal parking space rests with the operator of the motor vehicle. Lack of space will not be considered a valid excuse for violating any parking regulations. The purpose of these regulations is to facilitate the safe and orderly operation of university business and to provide parking facilities for this operation within the limits of available space. Any person operating a motor vehicle on the university campus is required to obey these regulations as a condition to parking or operating the vehicle on campus. The Department of Campus Police & Safety is responsible for the enforcement of these regulations.

The university shall have no responsibility for loss or damage to any vehicle or its contents operated or parked on CBU property.

Registration of Vehicles

  • All motor vehicles, including motorcycles, parked on CBU property must have a current CBU-issued parking tag and be registered by the university.
  • Parking tags will be provided at registration, and after registration at the Campus Safety Office.
  • The parking tag should be displayed by hanging from the interior rear-view mirror.
  • Expired parking tag should be removed.
  • Parking tags must be renewed each academic year.
  • The person to whom a vehicle is registered is responsible for the vehicle and all violation citations issued thereto. If the person operating the vehicle is other than the registrant when a violation is committed, both the operator and the registrant may be cited.

Replacement of Parking Tags

  • A new parking tag will be issued at no cost for newly acquired vehicles, which replaces currently registered vehicles upon presentation of the original parking tag to the Department of Campus Safety.
  • If it is necessary for you to drive a car other than your registered vehicle, arrangements for a temporary permit must be made in advance.
  • Lost or stolen parking tag will be replaced for $10 upon proof of loss.

Vehicle Operation

  • All persons operating a vehicle on university property or in the campus area must be properly licensed operators.
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.
  • Under normal conditions, the maximum speed limit on campus streets is 5 m.p.h. However, vehicles may not be operated at any speed that is excessive for the conditions that may exist as a result of weather, traffic, congestion, pedestrians, etc.
  • Traffic control signs must be obeyed.
  • All persons operating vehicles are responsible for maintaining control of the vehicle, safe operating, and observance of traffic control signs, barriers, and devices.
  • Operating a motor vehicle in any area other than roadway intended for motor vehicles is prohibited.
  • Any accident must be reported to the university Department of Campus Safety (321-3550) immediately. Any vehicle break-ins or incident should also be reported immediately.

Parking Zones

Parking permits will be issued according to the classification of the individual requesting permission to park on Christian Brothers University property. The classifications are as follows:

Resident (Main Campus)

Those persons classified as resident students and reside in Rozier Hall, Maurelian Hall, 600 Apartments, or 604 Apartments will be issued a permit to allow parking in the Resident Parking area around these locations.  Students with this permit are also allowed to park in the Central Lot.

Resident (Avery and Oakdale)

Those persons classified as resident students and reside in the Avery Apartments or 170 Oakdale Apartments will be issued a permit, different from that of the Main Campus Resident parking permit, allowing them to park in the parking lot surrounding the apartment buildings.  If you are residing in either of these locations and desire to park on the main campus, you will be allowed to park in the central lot but NOT in the resident lot of the main campus.


Those persons classified as commuter students will be issued a permit allowing them to park in the Central Lot only.


Faculty and Staff will be issued hang tags for their vehicles and will be allowed to park in those spaces designated as Faculty/Staff. Parking is also permitted in the Central Lot. The hang tags are to be displayed while the vehicle is parked on campus.

Temporary Permit

A temporary permit may be obtained from the Department of Campus Safety for the following reasons:

  • The person has mobility problems which require special parking accommodations.  The permit may be issued up to 30 days.
  • The individual expects to operate or park any vehicle on the campus for more than twenty-four (24) hours, but less than seven (7) days, unless a longer period is authorized in writing by the Director of Campus Safety.


Parking Permits

  • No current parking tag.
  • Current parking tag not visible on vehicle.
  • Unauthorized possession of parking tag.
  • Falsification of parking tag registration information.
  • Illegal use, reproduction, or alteration of decal/parking tag and/or parking permit.

Other Parking Violation

  • In no-parking or loading zones or unmarked spaces.
  • In unauthorized areas.
  • Parking on grass.

Moving Violations

  • Exceeding posted speed limit.
  • Excessive speed for existing conditions.
  • Failure to obey traffic control or sign.
  • Failure to obey Campus Safety officer.
  • Driving off roadway or street.
  • Reckless driving/racing.
  • Failure to yield right-of-way at pedestrian crossing.
  • Failure to signal turn or stop.
  • Following too closely.
  • Operating mechanically unsafe vehicle.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics.
  • Operating vehicle causing loud or unnecessary noise such as loud mufflers, horns, P.A. system, etc.

Motorcycle Parking

  • All motorcycles must have parking decal/parking tag.
  • Motorcycles should park in marked parking spaces.
  • Motorcycles are not to block stairway, sidewalks, or pedestrian access.
  • Motorcycles should not be the occasion for clutter and debris on property.

Impounded Vehicles/Towed Vehicles

The university may tow without advance notice those vehicles parked in a fire lane, designated handicapped parking space, spaces reserved for designated vehicles, or in such a manner as to impede the flow of traffic or disrupt the orderly affairs of the university.

If a vehicle has unpaid parking citations, the university may impound/tow the vehicle if advance notice and opportunity to contest has been given. Windshield notices and/or other methods of notification will be used to provide the operator of the vehicle with advance notice of our intent to tow and the operator’s right to a hearing.

Fire Lane or Obstruction

Blocking or obstructing traffic, street, sidewalk, driveway, fire hydrant, building entrance or exit, another vehicle, or fire lane.


  • A vehicle parked in a manner that blocks a fire zone, emergency exit, flow of traffic, designated handicapped parking space, spaces reserved for designated vehicles, or otherwise poses a danger or disrupts the orderly affairs of the university, may be impounded, immobilized, or towed.
    • The owner of the above vehicle will be afforded a hearing by a university official prior to the assessment of any tow charges, fines, or penalties.
    • If penalties are assessed after such hearing, impounded, towed, or immobilized vehicle will be released upon proper identification and receipt for payment of all appropriate fees and penalties (see below).
  • A vehicle that has accumulated $50 or more in traffic citations may be impounded, immobilized, or towed if the owner of such vehicle has received advance notice and the opportunity to contest has been given. Windshield notices and/ or other methods of notification will be used to provide the operator of the vehicle with advance notice of intent to tow and the operator’s right to a hearing. In the event the owner does not request a hearing or prevail at the hearing, his vehicle will be towed, wheel-locked, or impounded whenever it is next found upon university property, whether parked legally or illegally.


Violations Fees (Staff, Students, and Visitors)

All violations/fees will be addressed to the Business Office.

  • No Parking Permit................. $20
  • Unauthorized Lot................... $10
  • Speeding ............................. $25
  • Impounded/Towed Vehicle fine + costs
  • Handicap Space..................... $25
  • Fire Lane/Obstruction............ $50
  • Blocking Roadway or Dumpster $25


Students who fail to pay violation fees or penalties will not be permitted to register for course work, to continue as a student, to receive credit, to receive a degree, or to obtain a transcript until the fees or penalties are paid.

A staff member who persists in violating these regulations or fails to answer a citation will be reported to his department head and/or penalties may be collected through payroll deduction as specified in university personnel policies.

Repeated violations of parking regulations will be grounds for towing away, impoundment, or immobilization in accordance with regulations under enforcement.

Students who persist in violating these regulations or commit a single violation under extreme circumstances will be referred to the Dean of Student’s office for disciplinary action, which may lead to suspension or dismissal from the university.

Once an automobile owner has accumulated $50 of unpaid fines, his car, if found parked on university property, may be towed or immobilized in accordance with regulations under the ENFORCEMENT heading.


  • You may first appeal your violation citation to the Director of Campus Police & Safety.
  • You may then make an appeal to the Student Court.
  • Students may appeal a violation citation within 10 class days of issuance by making application for appeal when answering the citation through forms furnished by the Department of Campus Police & Safety.
  • Students may request that the Student Court hear their appeals without their being present at the Court’s meeting. Failure to appear without advance notice will result in the case being considered in the student’s absence and the decision of the Court will be binding.
  • Staff and visitors may appeal a violation citation through appropriate administrative channels. You may first wish to appeal through the Director of Campus Police & Safety.
  • Anyone failing to appeal within 10 class days of issuance of citation loses the right to appeal.

Pedestrian Regulations

  • Students and staff must not endanger their safety or constitute an unreasonable impediment to lawful vehicular traffic.
  • All personnel shall avoid walking across lawns or against traffic signs.
  • Students or personnel are encouraged to use the escort service provided by the Department of Campus Police & Safety.
  • Violation of these regulations will be cited through appropriate disciplinary channels.