Placement Testing FAQs

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Placement Testing FAQs

Please find answers to commonly asked questions here. 

1. How do I know which tests I need to schedule?

New students are required to take placement tests based on their intended major and ACT/SAT test scores. All students are welcome to take any placement test even if it is not required for their major.

If you are pursuing a Bachelors of Arts degree you are required to take four semesters of a foreign language at the college level. If you are pursuing a Bachelors of Arts degree and took Spanish in high school you are required to take the foreign language placement test. If you are interested in taking a French placement test please indicate that on the sign-up form. 

If you are pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Ecology, or Natural Sciences you are required to take the chemistry placement test if you would like to place out of the basic chemistry course (CHEM 101). If you wish to start your chemistry studies above CHEM 101 you must place sufficiently in BOTH chemistry and math. Please note CHEM 101 will not count toward any Bachelors of Science degree. Student preparation for this test is assumed to include at least one full year of high school chemistry and one full year of high school algebra. Students who have an ACT composite score of 25 AND a Math sub-score of 25 are granted a waiver and will be placed into CHEM 113/L automatically.

The math placement test is required for any student who has an ACT math sub-score of 20 or below. If you are pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science, Engineering (any type), Engineering Physics, Physics, or Cyber Security and Digital Forensics with a math ACT sub-score of a 26 or below you are strongly encouraged to take the math placement test to test into MATH 129 or 131. 

The English placement test is required for all Non-Native speakers of English and any student who’s ACT English sub-score is a 20 or below

2. How do I register for placement testing?

Placement testing is scheduled online. You will need to plan to take your placement tests before attending Summer Orientation. In order to register you will need your CBU ID number, your CBU email address, and your intended major.

Sign up for New Student Placement Testing here.

3. When will I receive my results?

Test results will be available within 10 business days. Your results will be emailed to your CBU email address. If you placement tests results allow you to take a higher level course you may go ahead and enroll in that course. If the results place you in the same or a lower course, you may stay in what you are currently registered for and register for the lower course.

4. What if English is not my first language?

Non-Native English speakers are required to take the English Placement Test. Students will write an essay that will then be graded by two English Professors. Your results will be available within ten business days.

5. I live out of state; what are my best testing options?

We understand that living far from CBU can make attending testing and Summer Orientation more difficult so we have alternatives for you. Please email to speak with an advisor on how to complete your placement testing.

6. Will a confirmation be sent to me once I sign up?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email when you register for testing. You will also receive communication in the week prior to your scheduled tests. If you are required to take additional tests (other than what you signed up for) you will be automatically registered for those tests. Your confirmation email may not include this data as it is automatically sent when you register. However, all your required tests will be listed on your placement testing ticket which will be sent the week prior to testing.

7. What do I need to bring with me on the day of testing?

  • Photo Identification
  • #2 pencils
  • Non-graphing calculator (chemistry placement tests only)
  • Your student ID number (located on your admission ticket)

8. Where should I park?

Central lot.

9. What is the agenda for the day?

Please refer to your placement testing ticket for your check in time and testing location.

10. Are there places to eat on break?

The CBU campus has multiple food options. Vending machines are located throughout campus. You may want to bring your own snacks or lunch if you are staying for any of the optional tests. Open food and drinks are not allowed in the testing room so please make sure you have everything inside a bag or other container.

11. Is there a benefit to testing early? Are there any deadlines for testing?

The earlier you complete your required placement tests the have a better chance of getting the classes you want. Signing up for Placement Testing by the priority deadline of April 1 (for fall admits) ensures that you will have the best selection of testing dates.

12. When will I find out how I did on the tests?

Your results will be sent to your CBU email within ten business days. You will also have time to meet with an advisor at Summer Orientation to go over your results and adjust your schedule if you have not already done so.

13. When will I get my Student ID card?

You will receive your card at your Summer Orientation session.

14. I’ve taken my tests; can I register for classes now?

Registration for freshmen opens May 1 for all students who have been accepted and deposited. Once you have taken your placement tests you will be told if you have placed into a high course. Placing into a higher course opens up different classes and majors to you.

15. If I have taken AP, CLEP, or IB courses, do I still need to take the placement tests?

We recommend that you complete placement testing even if you have taken AP/IB courses. You are permitted to use whichever scores, your AP/IB/CLEP or placement tests, place you higher when choosing your courses so it is to your benefit to complete placement testing.

Scores from AP/IB/CLEP tests completed in May arrive at CBU in July. Because you might attend Summer Orientation and register for courses prior to CBU receiving your results, course availability may be limited by the time your AP/IB/CLEP credits are evaluated. If your AP/IB/CLEP results are not received by the time you attend Summer Orientation, you will not be able to register for those courses if you have not completed a placement test. You can use your placement scores to register for classes and we will still honor the credit and/or placement you earn via AP/IB/CLEP when those scores arrive on campus. Please notify your advisor at Summer Orientation that you have taken AP/IB/CLEP courses.

You can view CBU’s AP/IB/CLEP score acceptance policy here.

16. How do I acquire accommodations for testing?

If you require non-standard testing conditions, please email Karen Conway, Dean of Students.

17. Am I allowed to retest?

CBU does not allow retesting in foreign languages and English. A student wishing to retake the math or chemistry placement may sign up for a later placement testing day pending space availability.

18. Who should I contact for answers to my other question(s)?

Academic Services and Faculty Development Office |