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SAC Committees

All committees that are part of The Student Activities Council (SAC) are student-led. These are the current SAC committees and the areas of campus life that they support.

University Tradition

  • Homecoming
  • Welcome Weekend
  • Farmers on the Quad

CBU Entertainment

  • Friday Programming
  • Buckaroo 
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Health & Safety


  • Communicates the actions, plans, and events of SAC to the student body in a timely manner.
  • Creates the publication of announcements concerning the SAC.
  • Maintains and updates the SAC social media presence.

Applications to apply to join a SAC committee will be available in April. If you have any questions, please contact Student Activities Coordinator Connie Beck at

Committee Chairs

Bennett Martin

SAC President
University Tradition Committee Chair






Abraham Lin

Marketing Committee Chair






Atlantica Smith

CBU Entertainment Committee Chair






Connie Beck

Student Activities Coordinator
SAC Advisor






Committee Members

  • Bennett Martin 
  • Abraham Lin
  • Anna Della Rosa
  • Atlantica Smith
  • Brooke Johnson
  • Garett Kerkhoff
  • Hannah Fitzgerald
  • Jessica Foster
  • Jessie Dickson
  • John Foner
  • Joliza Ferguson
  • Jonathan Baldelli
  • Kristen Howard
  • Matther Nguyen
  • Mia Holmes 
  • Michelle Diaz
  • Nathan Peden
  • Rucardo Rocha
  • Yahya Aleryani