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Minor in Sustainability Studies

This minor is open to all majors and combines the fields of environmental studies, urban-community studies, and social justice issues. It draws on concepts and practices from business, science, engineering, and the humanities. Sustainability seeks to make communities more just and vibrant and government and businesses more efficient in a manner that helps protect the environment and our resources, so that future generations can enjoy the same quality of life that we do.

Top Reasons to Pursue a Sustainability Studies Minor

  1. It’s a Growing Job Field! Sources such as the Congressional Budget Office and the Pew Charitable Trust have reported that the rate of growth in “green jobs” has outpaced regular job growth almost 3 to 1 in the last decade, especially in fields like alternative energy, green construction, hybrid and electric vehicles, local and organic farming, public transportation, pollution control, and community enhancement.  Also, many traditional businesses and organizations are hiring more sustainability experts to improve company efficiency, employee wellness, and protect the environment.
  2. Build Better Communities through engaging with campus & Memphis issues.
  3. Protect the Environment by learning about biodiversity and climate change.
  4. Live Lasallian by pursuing Social Justice and caring for God’s Creation.

Sustainability Studies Minor Field Core Requirements

19 specified class hours, some also fulfill general education or other degree requirements.

  • HUM 210 Introduction to Sustainability Studies  (fulfills a B-3 Social Science GER, or School of Arts Humanities slot)
  • BIO 107+lab Environmental Biology (fulfills Science GER),  or  412 Ecology
  • PHIL 325 Environmental Ethics  or  324 Technology and Human Values (fulfills Moral Values GER or School of Arts Humanities requirement)

Add 3 more classes from the list below (2 of which must be from outside your major):

  • HUM: 295 Sustainability Internship  or  395 Community Service  
  • ANTH/SOC 160 Cultural Anthropology (Social Science GER), 
  • ANTH 350 Global Health
  • BIO: 102 Epidemiology, 107 Environmental, 370 Toxicology, 412 Ecology
  • CH E 410 Air Pollution
  • ECON: 325 Environmental, 346 Sustainability, 420 Managerial, 422 Intn’l Trade
  • EE/CE/ME 400 Compleat Engineer
  • GS/HUM 200/300 Global Studies
  • HIST: 351 American West, 352 Environmental, 353 Cities & Suburbs
  • MGMT 320 – International Business
  • PHIL: 324 Environmental Ethics, 325 Technology and Human Values (Moral Values GER)
  • POLS 113 World Politics (Social Science GER)
  • RS: 330 Justice & Society, 331 Spirituality & Food Ethics, 375 Prophets (Religion GERs)
  • SOC/PSYCH 364 – Stereotyping & Prejudice

Contact Information

Dr. Ben Jordan
Director of Sustainability Studies
Director of Living Learning Communities
Associate Professor of History
(901) 321-4406