Master of Science in Data Science

The MS in Data Science degree at CBU is for anyone with a penchant for analytics who desires proficiency in the latest data scientific techniques which are in increasing demand across industries as varied as information technology, healthcare, finance, retail, and logistics.
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Virtually all modern companies collect huge amounts of data daily, but they struggle to leverage it sufficiently without a skilled workforce to process data and implement predictive and prescriptive solutions to make data-driven decisions. CBU’s Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) empowers its students with exactly these skills, making them highly desirable employees across a wide range of industries.

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Who You Are

Have you ever been dismayed that you can only put 36,000 lines of data in an Excel spreadsheet? Have you ever looked at a budget report and wanted more of the numbers behind these few pages? Are you the type of person who knows there are volumes of data behind every good decision if only you could capture it and process it in a way to fuel even better decisions?

Have you ever considered the ethical implications of Big Data? Are you interested in understanding how the information that businesses and organizations around the world collect is used to impact everything from international politics and economics to the retail decisions individuals make each and every day?

Maybe you’ve started doing analysis on your small business or started taking on more leadership roles in your career and it’s time to find a more robust way to look at how data can inform us. You’re looking for ways to identify what is truly meaningful information amongst the data you collect so you can make the most impactful decisions possible.

This is what a Master of Science in Data Science can teach you. These are the critically important questions you’ll ask while studying at CBU.

What You’ll Study

Students in the Master of Science in Data Science program begin with a battery of courses core to the discipline, stressing data visualization and management, statistics, programming, and machine learning. Students then have the opportunity to apply these core data science skills to their domain of interest, choosing a concentration in business analytics, bioinformatics, or geographic information systems. The program culminates in a thesis where students get to demonstrate their newfound acumen under the guidance of an expert in the field.

Areas of Concentration

  • Business Analytics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Geographic Information Systems

Why CBU?

CBU’s size and ethos produces an ideal environment for the truly interdisciplinary nature of data science. The Master of Science in Data Science program is housed in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and through a collaboration between CBU’s schools, students will receive instruction from experts in mathematics, computer science, biology, engineering, and business. In addition, students will have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from companies based in the Memphis area through course projects or thesis work.

Thesis Project

Although CBU’s graduate degree programs are designed to offer flexibility for working professionals, you won’t be going it alone. A key feature of the Master of Science in Data Science program is a 6-hour thesis project that you’ll design with your faculty advisors. This practical, applied project goes beyond giving you the theories and tools of data science. You’ll work one-on-one with a graduate faculty member to produce a project that you can present to your company leaders, future employers, or other thinkers like yourself who see that Big Data is more than numbers in a data set. You’ll leave the MS in DS program with a body of work that shows you know how to not just analyze data, but make meaning from it.

For example, if you’re interested in bioinformatics, you could explore medical health records and public health data to explore factors that may contribute to the wellness of people living in different communities. Your research might determine why there are higher rates of cancer in a neighborhood or what neighborhoods need better access to medical care or healthy food. Your work could identify real world solutions, and with your expertise in data visualization, you’ll have the ability to present your data in ways to influence public policy or community investments that can make an impact on people’s lives. This is the power of data science.

How to Apply

To apply for the Master of Science in Data Science program, submit the following items.

  • Completed application 
  • One official transcript of previous academic credits from each of the colleges or universities previously attended
  • Two letters of recommendation from former teachers or immediate supervisors qualified to attest to your preparation and ability to perform graduate study
  • A current resume
  • Personal statement describing the fit between your career objectives and a Master of Science in Data Science degree

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