A degree in Mathematics and/or Computer Science provides you with a broad base of knowledge and skills and enables you to secure attractive employment upon graduation. During your time at CBU develop strong problem solving skills that you can apply in business, science and engineering. The department also prepares you for success in graduate school should you wish to pursue an advanced degree.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

You can earn a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree and select a concentration in business, engineering, sciences or liberal arts. The concentration allows you to acquire knowledge in an area of particular interest to you.

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Computer Science Program

The Computer Science program combines computer related courses from the Schools of Business, Engineering, and Sciences. You can select a concentration in either business, cybersecurity or engineering. Each consists of a set of carefully selected, computer related courses.

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The department offers a variety of advanced mathematics courses including Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, and Discrete Mathematics. Advanced computer science courses include Data Structures, Object Oriented Design, Operating Systems, Algorithms, and Database Design.

Dual Degrees

You may take courses in the related area of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and you may even earn a dual degree in either Computer Science and Mathematics, or Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering at CBU.

Whatever path you decide to take, the Mathematics and Computer Science faculty will guide you with dedication. They are experienced teachers and provide a rewarding academic experience for you.

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