The mission of the School of Engineering at Christian Brothers University is threefold: (1) to continue the Lasallian tradition through excellence in teaching and focus on the individual student, (2) to prepare graduates for professional careers and advanced study in engineering, and (3) to encourage students to live with moral responsibility and constructive community involvement.

Educational Philosophy

Engineers apply scientific principles and practical judgment to solve problems.  These problems exist amid the complexities of the real world and the solutions are subject to constraints — economic, environmental, political, and social.  An integral part of an engineering education at Christian Brothers University are courses designed to prepare the graduate to understand and address these issues and constraints. Students must complete a variety of courses in the humanities and social studies, including a moral values requirement, to help make this possible.

Engineering students at CBU begin by pursuing knowledge and skills in science, mathematics, and communication.  These course provide the foundation for an integrated approach to engineering design, culminating in an independent design project during their senior year.  In their engineering design courses, students learn to combine technical knowledge, skills, and ingenuity with their background in contemporary and global issues to develop practical solutions to specific practical problems.