The CBU Graduate School is here to help each student succeed and achieve their goals inside and outside of the classroom. See what our graduate alumni are saying about their CBU experience. Hear from students just like you.

CBU prepared me for working with teams and leading projects. The professors were very supportive and understanding of me being a married mom with a job.

Bimini Cunningham (MAS, Engineering Management ’17)

CBU supported me when I wasn’t sure if I was made for the classroom. They are the reason I felt empowered to lead spaces, classrooms, and find jobs where I, too, now assist in empowering others to be their best selves. The professors are truly incredible, personable, and understanding to you as an educator and as a person.

Remi Hampton (Master of Education ’19)

CBU allowed me to realize that resources are meant to be utilized. CBU provided me with a multitude of resources that not only helped me academically but helped me professionally and personally. CBU put the resources at my disposal and I learned to use them.

Jeremy Calhoun (MBA, Project Management ’18)

Participating in the program and completing the CBU MBA program was absolutely crucial in the career advancement I’ve experienced over the last few years.

Whitney Knight (Master of Business Administration ’21)

The clinical rotation at CBU were extremely valuable to me. It was where we took everything we learned and began to apply it to real world practice. I learned and experienced more than I ever could have ever imagined. I was offered several jobs through my rotations as well as made lots of professional connections that have helped me now as a post graduate and PA-C

Patrick Townsend Jr. (Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies ’21)

CBU empowered me by giving me all the resources to succeed and helping me along the way. I don’t think I would have gotten such an amazing opportunity to work for Ernst and Young if it weren’t for CBU.

Minette Prinsloo (Master of Accounting ’22)
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