Most Recently Admitted Cohort

40 Students for Class of 2023

27 (67%)Female
13 (33%)Male
26 (65%)White
4 (10%)Black
6 (15%)Asian
1 (2.5%)Hispanic/Latino
1 (2.5%)Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian
2 (5%)Not specified or Other
19 (47.5%)Midsouth resident
8 (20%)Tennessee resident
2 (5%)CBU Student or graduate
1 (2.5%)Military experience
5.25Average number of advanced science courses taken
1,694Average healthcare experience hours
338Average healthcare exposure-only hours
23.82Mean age
3.51Overall average prerequisite GPA
3.64Overall average cumulative GPA

Demographic Averages for All Cohorts to Date

(1.4%)Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian
(4.3%)Not specified or Other
(61.7%)Midsouth resident
(45.0%)Tennessee resident
(3.9%)CBU Student or graduate
(4.9%)Military experience
6.22Average number of advanced science courses taken
2,620Average healthcare experience hours
1,666Average healthcare exposure-only hours
24.67 Mean age
3.42Overall average prerequisite GPA
3.50Overall average cumulative GPA
3.55Average prerequisite GPA (adjusted)