Most Recently Admitted Cohort

39 Students for Class of 2024

32 (82.05%)
7 (17.95%)

0 (0%)American Indian
8 (20.51%)Asian
8 (20.51%)Black
1 (2.56%)Hispanic/Latino
0 (0%)Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian
22 (56.41%)White
0 (0%)Not specified or Other
21 (53.85%)Midsouth resident
14 (35.90%)Tennessee Resident
4 (10.26)CBU Student or Graduate
1 (2.56%)Military experience
5Average number of advanced science courses taken
4246Average healthcare experience hours
25.50Mean age
3.53Overall average prerequisite GPA
3.41Overall average cumulative GPA

Demographic Averages for All Cohorts to Date

170 Students

(0.59%)American Indian
(1.18%)Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian
(3.53%)Not specified or Other
(55.85%)Midsouth resident
(39.41%)Tennessee resident
(6.47%)CBU Student or graduate
(2.94%)Military experience
5.68Average number of advanced science courses taken
4,109Average healthcare experience hours
25.19 Mean age
3.54Overall average prerequisite GPA
3.51Overall average cumulative GPA
Demographic Cohorts 2020 – 2024 & Demographic Averages to Date (PDF)