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The core mission of the Center for Digital Instruction is to serve the faculty of CBU with workshops, course development and the introduction of new skills and tools to enrich teaching in both the traditional and the online classroom.

Our team is skilled in instructional design, online and traditional education methodologies and academic assessment.

Center for Digital Instruction Services

  • Canvas training
  • Faculty instructional methodology development
  • Online student success
  • Course design assistance (Traditional, Hybrid, and Online)
  • Classroom technologies development
  • Software application with instructional design

If there is anything that you need from us, any new ideas or methodologies we can help explore, or perhaps you would just like to explore ways to incorporate new strategies and tools in your classroom, traditional or online, please do not hesitate to call on us. We are ready and willing to assist you in any way we can.


The Center for Digital Instruction holds events and training throughout the year. We provide opportunities for faculty to improve Canvas skills, redesign syllabi for better online learning, and develop new ways to reach students with technology.


Course Development Request

This form is used any time a faculty aspires to create a course and be reimbursed for it. Filling out this form begins the process for approval to proceed with course development.

  • Develop an online course (no OFT or OCD training)
  • Develop an online course (OFT level). Must receive a score of 80% or better to receive $400 per credit hour.
  • Develop an online course for OCD training. Must receive a score of 90% or better to receive $3000.
  • Develop an online course (OCD level). Must receive a score of 90% or better to receive $3000.

Online Consortium Course Request Form

This form is required for any student to gain approval to take a course through Acadeum and the Council of Independent Colleges consortium. Enrollment in a consortium course requires the permission of the student’s advisor, the chair and the dean who oversee the course, and the Vice President for Academics. All requests must follow this process. It cannot be student-initiated. It must be initiated by the student’s advisor in consultation with the chair of the course being offered. Please be advised that additional tuition may be required. Please provide all of the requested information.

CDI Training/Course Development Payment Form

This form starts the process of payment for training and/or courses developed.

Podcast & Community of Inquiry

The Center for Digital Instruction hosts two monthly ‘digicasts’. CDI’s monthly podcast is called The Lasallian Way Online, and episodes focus on topics in online education as approached from the Lasallian Tradition. The Lasallian Way Online can be streamed or downloaded wherever listeners access their podcasts or via the link below. CDI’s monthly vidcast is called the Community of Inquiry. Community of Inquiry is a roundtable Webex discussion among CBU faculty members on a wide range of ed-tech topics. Past Community of Inquiry discussions can be found by accessing the link below.

One-on-One Assistance

You can also contact anyone on our team to help you with problems in a Canvas class, pointers on new technology, or assistance with student issues.

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