The Follett ACCESS program delivers required materials for the courses for which you’re registered, making sure you’re prepared for the first day of class! All class textbook rental and required supplies costs will now be included in a flat-rate “book fee” on your CBU bill so that you know each semester what the costs will be. Typically, students save money with the flat fee based on total credit hours!

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How does Follett ACCESS work?

The Follett ACCESS program takes the hassle out of getting your course materials because costs are covered as part of the “book fee” on your bill. This allows every enrolled student access to all required materials on day one. Once you have selected your courses, your course list will be sent to the CBU Campus Bookstore. The CBU Campus Bookstore gets everything ready for you. All you need to do is pick up your required course materials before the first day.

What does it cost?

Students will be charged $23 per credit hour to cover all required course materials. This cost will appear on your bill as the “book fee” and will be treated as any other fee or tuition cost. To make paying for the fee convenient, it can be included in any payment plan you choose.

Will I save money?

Yes! Students can save up to 30% based on results from partner schools thanks to Follett’s deep relationships with publishing partners and bulk purchasing power. The program also reduces student stress during the purchasing process and provides a method to easily access, manage and use all course materials regardless of format or cost.

Is Follett ACCESS required for all students?

No, students may choose to opt out of the Follett ACCESS program. Please note that you will be prompted to create an account to allow you to opt out. Students wishing to opt out must do so by the last day to add/drop a course to avoid having the “book fee” assessed on their account. When students opt out of Follett ACCESS, they do so for all courses in a given term. Students may not opt out of individual courses.

All students are by default enrolled in the Follett ACCESS program and must take action to opt out of the program.

Students who opt out of Follett ACCESS will be responsible for finding their required course materials on their own. You are not under an obligation to purchase your required course materials from the CBU Campus Bookstore or through the Follett ACCESS program, but all materials will be available at the CBU Campus Bookstore.

Students enrolled in the Physician Assistant and Nursing programs will not be enrolled in the Follett ACCESS program. Students in the Health Sciences major, however, will be part of the Follett ACCESS program until fully accepted into the Nursing degree program.

How do I get my course materials?

Once you have selected your courses, your course list will be sent to the campus store and they will get everything ready for you! All you need to do is pick up your required textbooks and materials at the CBU Campus Bookstore.

What about digital materials?

All digital materials will be emailed to you at your CBU email address. Watch for emails from or

Can I choose if I want print or digital materials?

Faculty members determine the medium of all required materials for the course for the Follett ACCESS program. As a student, if you have a preferred medium (print or digital) for textbooks, you should first check with your faculty member to see what medium has been chosen and then choose if you wish to opt out of the Follett ACCESS program to purchase your required materials on your own.

If you are a student with a qualified disability requiring print versions or other accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services at for more information.

What if I add or drop a course?

If you drop a course, return any physical materials to the CBU Campus Bookstore. If you add a new course after you have already picked up your materials, go to the Campus Bookstore one day after enrollment to pick up additional course materials. Digital materials for new courses will be emailed to you.

Do I have to opt out each semester?

Yes, if you choose to opt out of the Follett ACCESS program, your decision only applies to one semester. Before each semester begins, you will be emailed a link to opt out.

If my professor has recommended course materials, will those be included in the program?

Only materials identified by your professor as “required” are included as part of the program. All “recommended” materials will be available for purchase at the CBU Campus Bookstore and online at

What do I do after finals?

All physical course materials must be returned to the CBU Campus Bookstore when the term ends. Watch your CBU email for due dates at the end of finals.

I like keeping my books at the end of the term. Can I do that with this program?

After the term is complete, rented textbooks must be returned to the CBU Campus Bookstore. However, you can choose to keep the book by paying an additional fee at the Campus Bookstore. Digital materials are typically one semester rentals so they are only available to read during the semester.

What if I get an incomplete grade in a course and need additional time to access course materials?

If a student earns an incomplete, the faculty member will work with the CBU Campus Bookstore to request additional time for access to required materials. Access can be granted for up to 90 days to allow the student time to complete course work.

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