The Nonprofit Internship Community Experience (NICE) will provide funding to place CBU students in summer internships at nonprofit organizations throughout the area.

CBU students are budding professionals who seek real-world experience. Many are interested in offering their time and talents in service to the community. Meanwhile, area nonprofit organizations often operate with limited staffs and budgets. Nonprofits routinely need help, particularly additional human capital, but cannot afford to hire more staff members. Many offer internships, but they are often unpaid—which is not an option for students who need to spend the summer earning money for the following academic year.

CBU students will be selected to intern at various area nonprofit organizations during the summer months. These internships will be offered at no cost to the nonprofit. In addition to offering resources to nonprofits, the program will provide students with invaluable firsthand experience while connecting them more deeply to the Memphis community.

NICE Program Details

Students in the NICE program will be paid a bi-weekly stipend for their work.  Support for on-campus housing is available for out-of-state students upon request.

The NICE process will begin with a formal application and interview. Twenty-five to 35 NICE Interns will be selected to participate in the program. Students will rank their preferred placement sites from a list of pre-approved organizations. Organizations please complete an internship proposal form for site consideration. Applications will be available beginning in December, and interviews will occur in March.

Once selected, students will work a total of 160 hours at the nonprofit organization (averaging 20 hours per week) for a $1200 stipend every two weeks ($2400 gross total). The program will last eight weeks, roughly through June and July. While meals and transportation will not be provided, the interns should be able to cover these costs by using their bi-weekly income. NICE Interns will also participate in programming, which will allow them to reflect on their summer experience, as well as connect them to the Memphis community. There will be four required programs that the NICE Interns must attend throughout the summer: one orientation, two reflections, and one closing session.

Goals and Outcomes

NICE aims to:

  1. Provide CBU students with real-world experience in a nonprofit setting.
  2. Provide area nonprofits with additional human capital that will aid in the pursuit of their mission.
  3. Introduce students to Memphis’s nonprofit sector, further connecting them to the city and its people.

Students: How to Apply

Submit your application, resume, and cover letter through your Handshake account. Search “NICE” (Position #7665).