Since August 2020, CBU has regularly conducted random weekly COVID-19 testing of students and employees. The CBU Compact states that all members of the CBU community “will participate in COVID-19 testing as requested and will undertake daily wellness checks as mandated by the University.”

To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Christian Brothers University provides on-campus COVID testing for those meeting the following criteria:

  • Students and employees chosen to participate in random testing
  • Weekly required testing for those students and employees granted medical or religious exemptions from the mandated COVID vaccination
  • Students who are symptomatic and employees who become symptomatic while on campus
  • Students and employees who experience close contact with a COVID-positive person while on-campus
  • Student-athletes scheduled under current NCAA guidelines for regular testing

For all other circumstances, CBU community members should seek off-campus COVID testing at one of the many resources in Memphis.  A list of current testing options is available at this link.

Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should remain at home and take the following steps.

  • Students who display any symptoms of COVID-19 should immediately contact Health Services at (on weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm) or the Department of Campus Police & Safety at (after 4:30 pm on weekdays and on weekends), so immediate medical follow-up can occur to determine if diagnostic testing is necessary.
  • Employees should consult with their healthcare provider to determine if they should obtain a COVID-19 test at a local testing facility. They should also contact their supervisor and Human Resources who will advise them on any quarantine requirements or if a negative COVID-19 test result will be required before returning to campus.

CBU is working with our partner, Poplar Healthcare, and the Shelby County Health Department to track all cases, paying special attention to any variants that may arise, so they can be quickly contained.

Random Testing


Students: A pool of students, both residential and commuter, will be randomly selected each week and contacted via your CBU email address. The notification email is sent from the Coordinator of COVID Operations, Bettye Durham (, and includes not just the selected student, but also CBU’s Health Services, The email will contain the location and time of the test as well as any additional directions you will need.

Employees: Similarly, CBU employees will be randomly selected each week and contacted by Human Resources to inform you of the date of your test. Testing for employees is conducted at the Health Services modular building located between the Thomas Center and Rozier Hall.

The test is a minimally invasive self-administered nasal swab, which will be supervised by a staff member. The entire process, including required paperwork, should take approximately 20 minutes. There will be no charge to you if you are selected for random testing.

Required Testing for Vaccination Exemptions


Some members within our campus community have received medical or religious exemptions from the mandated COVID vaccination. These individuals will be required to complete weekly COVID testing with our CBU Health Services. A designated time and day will be available for the student to complete this requirement on a weekly basis.


Test results will be provided within 24-72 hours and typically are delivered to your CBU email address. 

Those who test positive will be required to comply with CBU quarantine and isolation protocol. We will be providing additional information about these protocols in some of next week’s messages to ensure everyone in the community knows what to expect just in case you receive a positive test.

Positive test results will also be reported to the Shelby County Health Department by the testing laboratory. Following this, the Shelby County Health Department will contact you for additional information for contact tracing purposes.

Questions about the random testing process? Students should contact, and employees should contact

Symptomatic Testing

Promptly upon discovering any symptoms of COVID-19, immediately contact Health Services at (on weekdays between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm) or the Department of Campus Police & Safety at (after 4:30 pm on weekdays and on weekends), so immediate medical follow-up can occur to determine if diagnostic testing is necessary.

Athletic Testing

The Athletic Director will select student-athletes on a weekly basis, based on NCAA guidance for COVID-19 testing. Selected students should arrive for testing at the pre-determined time and pick up pre-printed labels to affix to a testing tube. Testing will be performed at a ratio of one trainer/nurse/designee to two student athletes at a time. The student will complete the testing procedure, place the sample in a biohazard bag, and then place the bag in a designated container.