Graduate Certificate in Project Management

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Graduate Certificate in Project Management


Project management skills have long been recognized as important to the engineering and development sides of all organizations. Recently, however, the business industry is realizing that the planning and action skills necessary in project management are applicable in all areas of the organization.

In 2009 the world invested about $12 trillion in projects, and by 2016 $4 trillion will be at risk due to a lack of skilled project managers. Demand for new project manager jobs is growing at 1.2 million per year, and predicted to remain at that rate for the next 10 years. 

The Graduate Certificate in Project Management (GCPM) is designed for both newcomers who want to gain knowledge and understanding of project management and for veteran project management professionals who want to enhance their skills in this area. 

Students will find the Graduate Certificate of Project Management useful to enter or re-enter the project management job market, to change careers, to prepare for the PMP® exam, or for advancement in their chosen organization.

You can complete the full program in 26 weeks (three 8 week courses, with 1 week breaks in between), or 17 weeks if you already hold the PMP certification. Each of the three courses is three academic credit hours. For individuals with the PMP certification, each course also delivers 45 PDUs.