Summer can be the perfect time to take a class!

Maybe you want to get ahead and get a few credits under your belt.
Or maybe just finish off some of those prerequisites and gen-ed requirements in a quick, four-week or eight-week class (instead of a full, 16-week semester).
Or hey, maybe you’ve just always been curious about that subject that has absolutely nothing to do with your degree…
Whatever the reason might be, summer classes can be a great way to stay in the mode of studying, get a little more focused, and even experiment a little. And it might just help make your Fall and Spring course loads a little more bearable.
This year, in the continued interest of public health, most undergraduate and graduate courses for Summer 2021 will be offered online, although some labs may have an in-person component which will be handled in a safe, appropriately distanced way.

And you may even be eligible for financial aid to help cover your tuition!

Registration is still open!