We understand that paying for college can be tough. You may not understand every fee listed on your student’s bill or you may wonder how to check a current balance. The CBU Business Office is here to assist you.

FAQs for Business Office Information

I am a parent and I pay the bills. Why can’t I have access to my student’s information?

Online Bills for Parents or Other Authorized payers: Because of the FERPA regulations, the only way for parents or others helping with payments to have access to these bills is for the student to sign them up with a password and pin in CashNet. Students will also need to enter an email address for these others so they will be notified when an Ebill is ready for viewing and so they can make online payments from this site. (This information must be maintained by the student in CashNet.)

THE STUDENT ACCOUNT BELONGS TO THE STUDENT! All payments should be made online through CashNet either by the student, parent or authorized payer. The credit cards we accept are Visa, Master Card and Discover. Online payments can also be made by check.

Note: Payments are reflected “Real Time” in your student’s Banner account, not in his or her CashNet account. CashNet EBills are a moment in time. Changes made after the EBill has been produced will not reflect that on the bill until the next time the bills are processed. Your student’s Banner student account will show any changes or payments that were made as soon as they are processed.

What is required for parents to make a payment in the Business Office?

Parents that come to the Business Office must have their own photo ID and they must have the student’s CBU ID# before we can give them any account information or take a payment. The student that they are inquiring about must have a signed FERPA Form on file with the Registrar’s Office giving them access to this information. Only the student can pick up checks (unless they are Parent Plus Refunds).

Why can’t this be handled over the phone?

It is very difficult with all the regulations to do business over the phone. Please make sure that you are comfortable with the online procedures and that you have set your parents or other payers up with passwords and pins in CashNet. Any parent that calls must have the student’s ID# handy before we can answer any questions regarding a specific account. You also will need to have filled out a FERPA Form for us to speak with your parents over the phone.

How do I find the deadlines?

All students must “Settle their Accounts” no later than the week before their classes start. Different programs have different dates, so please check the Academic Calendar for deadlines. Drop dates will be sent to all students via CBU Email before each session.

How are Parent Plus Refunds Processed?

If your ERefund or refund check is a result of a Parent Plus Loan, CBU must make the refund check out to the parent whose name is on the loan. If the parent wants CBU to make the refund check out to the student, an email or letter must be sent to the Business Office authorizing CBU to do so.

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